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  1. my college in the UK advertises a 100% pass rate and will basically help you pass your course with specialized tutors. I was never the best at regurgitating information but i have a higher intellect than most. I realized in my late twenties (2006) that all the crappy jobs/working for someone else was the fruition of following my schooling. In real life you have to support yourself and working for others is just supporting them. If you want to earn larger amounts of money (the biggest idol of the world) you have to fulfill a need which will bring you customers. Trading is like a game and you have to play to win. This message about School is true so if you are in class wondering what to be in your future, look to your natural talents, learn how economy, law, finance works and pick out your strongest passion and start from there. Use the web to source customers. Trade from home until you can afford a dwelling and keep growing within your profit margin and be meticulous with your spending, live within your means, invest wisely and treat your customers well. Be the creator your dreams…..

  2. Lincoln was home schooled and he became President – among other accomplished, hard-working individuals. School is a complete waste of everyone time except for the indoctrinators who work (is this work or just showing up)? for their pensions, perks, 180 days out of the year and never get enough attitudes. School has failed the children and its up to the cowardly Mothers to get them home. Mothers have better things to do than raise their own children these days, nails, hair, the spa, work out, lunch with the girls. I see it every day and you will get a million excuses why they will not get out of their "selfish" ways.

  3. 🌹What we all should be doing is suing every school district in the entire country. It’s thievery! It’s piracy! It’s International government system based human trafficking. There is nothing else. That’s all they do. They steal from YOU! Yes!
    Every single infant born in this country, let alone around the world. In this country, the United States of America, when you were born, your birth certificate owned and created by the United States Inc. (de facto)government, evidences a very priceless certificate of title of which You, are deemed the owner of an Agricultural lien. Also, referred to as a villa, farm and real property. That would be You!
    This has been going on since at least May 12, 1933 the Emergency Banking Act it’s actually a generational and centuries old story, when you consider that the beginning is Babylon. And, this is the most interesting part the so-called government, the system, the so-called commerce driven executives that run these agencies? Are not bound to tell you anything about your true value.
    God Blessed America with riches beyond compare! We don’t even know our true history at all.
    When you properly document and record your Registered Status and Standing correction @ County of birth? This is called, by the system, Redemption♥️ praise be to Jesus♥️

  4. Not to forget that after the 12 years of mandatory indoctrination, you are still EXPECTED to get a higher education. Which is only really good to get you a low paying entry job with a decades worth of debt and anguish. This cookie cutter industrial education system is engineered to breed slave workers who are only doing it because they think that's they way.

  5. man I been thinking this all my life and my 3 kids life what a shame how great we all could be with the learning we needed to live life and prosper shame on you are so called education teachers what a joke they made us all this kid should be heard in every school and preschool around the world God have mercy on them that teach there going to need it

  6. 7:15 B17, apricot seeds both cure cancer according to Holistic Doctors! 88 Holistic Doctors have been killed in the past few years! Dr. Farrah has been subject to an ARMED GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN (Phillipines), she was helping CANCER patients (without using chemo/radiation) with natural methods….! According to Natural News (web)!!!!!!

  7. Programming….indoctrinating..= tax slave..thats a good some more pieces of paper as rewards..but we will take out our 2/3rds of it..hahaha..cha ching dingaling..monopoly? games…oh so the masses mess with each other instead of taking on the real thieves..cause thats all they are..we are memorized by pieces of paper soon to be digital,,when they run off with the true precious resources of all..that bring us good healthy energy..but most have forgotten about that…they are too busy watching the price is right and family fued and going to the DRUG stores instead of helping to teach their children how to be true..its all being technology is our to be everyones god..oh no..we are f*cked..

  8. I mostly disagree with your outlook. I DO agree that they are missing some critical courses on life and family. Some school boards are slowly changing that. I did learn a lot about the subjects I loved and were interested in. History, basic science, sewing, basic wood working, health and gym. There's not a single course I did not gain knowledge from, that could not be applied at some point in my life, sometimes multiple times. I think if you plan highschool properly by focusing on courses that will support your professional and personal interests, there is a lot of value in school. Still I agree that more life and family courses need to be introduced.

  9. Well done! I got good grades because I had a photographic memory. I would skim the assignments the night before and ace the tests. Then, I would promptly forget all of it. I've managed to do alright in life, but no thanks to school. The whole thing needs to be overhauled, but don't look for that happening any time soon. Teachers and administrators are a protected class. And the good ones are hamstrung by the system. Thank you for posting this video, though!

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