Scripture and Tradition with Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ

Take part in Fr. Mitch’s LIVE Bible Study as he discusses that while Jesus is truly the light of the world, people in the world still need to have faith in Him in order to move out of the darkness and into the light!


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  1. Has Fr. Mitch Pacwa addressed Numbers 5: 11-20, especially 21–22? Im sick of abortion supporters using the verses as God supporting abortion. If he has please provide a link, if not since he reads the Bible in the Bible original language please explain what these verses mean, thanks & God Bless! The NABRE says 'by causing your uterus to fall and your belly to swell!22 May this water then that brings a curse, enter your bowels to make your belly swell and your uterus to fall!"
    My St Joseph Medium size NAB Bible says , "by causing your thighs to waste away and your belly to swell"

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