Present Truth, pt.2: SDAs join Jesuits Sanitizing History. 14 Generations to Christ. Pope rallies Church & Labor Union. SDA Nazis?


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  1. It is as instrumentalities that God uses men for the accomplishment of His purpose. No man can escape this by lowering His standards or His character, or even by disowning God. Ahasuerus and Hamn play their part in God's providence as well as do Esther and Mordecai. We often wonder why God suddenly calls away a faithful servant from this world when he appears to be working so effectively. But if there were no other reason, it is reason enough that God's work depends upon no one man alone. Our vision is so circumscribed that eh removals by death astonish us. If our view were larger, we should see that the divine plan is too all-embracing to rest upon one life for its continuance. If a "useful man" were sure to live on indefinitely because of his usefulness, how much smaller our views of God and eternity would become! And then how much smaller we too should become!

  2. I've only heard half of this message so far and I already know I'm going to listen to it again!! So many insights from the Lord! Glory and honor to God for delivering this message to His people!! He's trying to get our attention, Maranatha!!

  3. Thank you Lord for feeding me spiritual food. I've been praying for understanding of this prophecy Dan 8:14 and Father, thy servant has delivered thy Word and Jesus is lifted up and exalted in my soul. Bless Pastor and his ministry as he prophesy again.

  4. What a sobering message! May God have mercy on me and help me to stand when the impending crisis comes. May God bless you and your family Pastor Henriques. We really need to wake up and get our bodily sanctuaries ready for the sealing. We have no excuse because God has given us all the tools we need as SDAs, what more could He do to save us?!!!

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