SDA Trinidad & Tobago Pr. Clive Dottin United With Fallen Churches, Created The Image of the Beast

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  1. Pastor Dottin is not the general conference! You guys so want to tear down the SDA church you grasping at straws. Pastor Dottin has always been an outspoken person. And if he wants to speak out on the gay society let him do so. He has to answer to God if he is in the wrong. I for sure is against this. I again say he speaks for himself and his followers. Let God be his judge and juror!

  2. Hopefully they have protection against the liberal witches that are going to do mind control on them and make them gay by putting thoughts in their heads .thats how the liberal witches are doing it to school children.

  3. Yes brother i was wondering about this and i was SO amazed to see you did a message on this. Im from Trinidad. God bless.

    I was at a meeting where I saw people being PULLED to their baptism after an altar call by Bro.Dottin. And i distinctly remember more than one person expressing their indecision (trying to pull away from the person taking them up to the front). Later on they asked for the hands to be raised as witnesses to this.Then he proceeded to say that if ANYONE did not raise their hands, they are of the devil. Ignore them. That blew me away. That being said I keep my brothers and sisters in prayer and pray even more for myself because I need God just as much as them. Only by Gods grace we will make it. God help us all.

  4. "Stay out of politics, that way the ANtichrist government can be set up". That sounds really brilliant. Why don't we also stop trying to raise our children, since that is a form of government too.

    Where does the insanity stop? I do not get why people think it is good not to be involved in politics. The reason WHY it becomes the same, is because people with godly wisdom are told by false Christians to STAY out of politics. Sorry, you are involved. Quit paying taxes too then. But if you are going to pay taxes, get involved in the rest. Go to these meetings which are only once a month, and voice your feelings and solutions. Help support good people trying to run for office. I got destroyed in the republican primary because I had hardly any support. But if just a few sabbath keepers would have supported me, I only needed just a tiny bit of money and volunteer help, I would have won. Eve the people who voted for my opponent, later told me when they heard of me, they would have voted for me instead.

    You people are propping up the beast system by not helping god people trying to run for office. You tell these people stay out, then people like me get no help. ANd then you get the BEAST SYSTEM you want, even though you claim you don't want it. But your actions show you are a LIAR.

  5. where in the bible christ ever mingle with the government of his day. the biggest gays community in the the Vatican and his priests, while now our leaders are cohort with rome. our place in the world is to call sinners from sin to righteousness, not to get up with the government and the apostate religion. christ is at the door, is for us to them how they can be save and how to avoid the Roman system instead in are in bed with them. wake up seventh day adventist and proclaim the loud cry

  6. I think the image of the Beast is the Pope. This image SPEAKS and it has BREATH. And it does not matter the man who is the Pope, all popes are ANTICHRIST. But the Pope can be killed, bumped off whenever he does not do what the BEAST GOVERNMENT (The Vatican, which is the second beast) wants him to do. This Pope is merely an IMAGE which the BEAST controls and has to do what the BEAST wants. The Pope of his own is nothing. The Pope is really nothing but an image, and really has no supernatural power of his own or any specialness of his own.

  7. It is common for Pastor Clive Dottin to take part in any state issues. This is not the first and won’t be the last. Its not being part in politics but Showing it’s the majority that stand against sodomy. Port Royal Jamaica is the Caribbean historic event that shows us the need to go on the street and march against sodomy. It’s a dangerous thing to be silent about it because history has shown us we can’t. Calling out the sins of the government could never be a wrong thing but not doing it is wrong.

  8. yes they have thrown her writings under the bus which includes her originals and if you must read her writings they give you uninspired compilations that ellen white never supported or advocated. Go back to her original writings not the compilations.

  9. Unity sounds so innocent ….

    CNA – Catholic News Agency reports: Ecumenism a 'spiritual process' rooted in the Trinity, Pope says.

    The Oikoumene World Council of Churches tag line and moto for this year was "There is unity in the Trinity"

    Much deception is forming the image of the beast, we need to pray in earnest as did God's only begotten Son for the true unity that He has with His Father and that we too may be one as they are one.

  10. oh my brother preach have the word, exposed the sin of these wicked man in the sda church who is leading God,s people astray, cry allow a d spare not, lay their sins open, that is how far these men have gone in sin while outwardly professing to be doing the works of God while aligning themselves with the whore of Rome. we are in trouble as a church

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