Secret Doctrine Of Illumination Exposed (Part 3)

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  1. I wanna be the first with my head in their guillotine's. I don't want their utopia of pedophilia and murder. these ppl are sociopath's with too much time on their hand's. they are the cancer we must cut off before it kills everything in it's sight. most humans are pretty dumb and will follow anything even make stuff up as they go along. so dumb. lets crucify these so called jesus's see how long they last, they would be crying for mercy. douche bags with no true love in their heart's and they can't save themselves let alone other's. the world is a collective abomination waiting to explode. lucifer is not God or any man. REPENT and LIVE !!!NOW!!! HELL is INSATIABLE waiting to swallow its chosen souls, amen

  2. while i thumbed up the video and found it to be very informative, i have a question regarding the end of the video where it was stating what 1 must do to be be saved. a reference was given about the jailer and his family with the conclusion being that confession of the heart/ acceptance of Jesus Salvation AND being baptized were neccessary. I find this to conflict with the thief on the cross who just believed and was told by Jesus that it was enough. It would seem that if what Jesus did on the cross was enough than anything we add to the equation is like saying that it wasnt enough and that theres the need for something else. could you pls explain your thoughts on this?

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