– Secret History of the Jesuits!

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The recent election of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio to the position of Pope Francis I, was an unprecedented event the world has never before witnessed. It is the first time in history that a member of the Jesuit order has been elected to the highest position of the Roman Catholic Church. Reactions world-wide varied from jubilation, to matter-of-fact acceptance, to disinterest. These very reactions reveal appalling ignorance of the true nature of the Jesuit order.

Widely regarded as a benevolent missionary order, known for its educational institutions, the Jesuit order, as the Society of Jesus is commonly known, has long played an incredibly influential, albeit secretive, role in the destinies of nations, organizations, and individuals. Rulers, presidents, scholars and even Catholics themselves who are aware of the evil perpetrated by this powerful, far-reaching order, have left on record grave warnings that all should heed.


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  1. This seems a terribly biased account. As a Catholic, I agree that the Jesuits under Pope Francis, and especially since Vatican II, are questionable. And the same can be said for the Vatican II order as a whole. But many/most of the quotes here are by Prostestants who were the very object of the creation of the Jesuits, so their opinion would have to be couched in the classic confrontation between Protestants and Catholics. More, to suggest that Protestants did not have leaders and led (and indeed 'churches') which committed great attrocities is untrue, if you consider the slave trade and slavery itself, the genocide against Native Americans, and genocide against the Catholics and Irish, during the wars of religion and under Cromwell. But to be fair, the Jesuits, again, are to be watched closely during these dark times, in the face of the apparent removal of Pope Benedict and questionable statements by Pope Francis in what seems a movement toward a new, ecumenical, and hence false religion. I havn't read it, but Jesuit-insider Malachi Martin's 'The Jesuits' would likely be the best source about this oder, as well as 'Windswept House'. May God grant all hearts devoted to you, wisdom.

  2. Pure propaganda from the section of Hitler 41:05. He maybe studied the Catholic church (remember church and Christianity was force down peoples throats from not so long ago), although he did not believe in it. He believed in Norse Germanic Gods. He was the one that did not want to turn people into slaves, but work, housing, food and enough rest with holidays.

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