Secret Jesuit Military Website

Gail received this message at her Facebook page:

Hello Gail, You don’t know me, but I have seen many of your videos and find your fight against the evil Jesuits to be truly inspiring. The way you conduct yourself with grace and dignity is something few could do in your situation. I wanted to draw your attention to a very creepy website I was told about on Reddit, it is called 316330777, it appears to be a secret Jesuit website. At first I couldn’t access it due to the fact it was private, but I have managed to hack their server to make the site public.
Here is the site:
Thank you for your continuing fight against the Jesuits, you are a real hero.
They threatened to kill people with their nukkake bomb (the Jesuit nuclear bomb that has semen in it). Read all about the nukkake in my latest book Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom:

Here are Facebook links of screenshots of this secret Jesuit website:

Posted by Gail Chord Schuler on Friday, June 26, 2015


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  1. Gail, Have you heard about Project AJCP-227?  It was released to the press last week. It's an Anti Jesuit Culinary Penetration Shield that was developed in Canada to specifically defend against sentient burritos and tacos

  2. This woman is clearly insane, this website does not exist and we do not condone terrorism. This channel will be removed in two (2) weeks if this threat of terrorism against Grand Wizard Zack Knight has not been taken down. The Giant Lord Zack Knight has bought Google and Microsoft, so he has access to any computer and website in the world. 

    We will be watching. Unlawful access to any site of the Order of The Jesuits will be met with furious resistance. Supreme Leader Zack Knight of the Order of The Jesuits has condoned the use of Nuclear Semen Bombs and Mind-control devices to track down this insane terrorist.

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