Secret Recording From 1967 PERFECTLY Describes Events In 2018.

This is a recording from 1967, It describes events we see in the news today with shocking accuracy. Everything was pre planned and they only have one goal.

Myron Fagan is the speaker

This is the real DEEP STATE. (The Deep State Is The Illuminati.)

Thank you for watching.

God Bless You.


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  1. Every 2 years i listen to some crazy ideological stuff, I got to 6 minutes before reading this articulate fellow repeating the completely debunked Protocols of the elders of Zionism produced by anti-Jewish pogroms in the Russian Empire. Quite ironic in light of his ardent anti-communism, It's so important to not be a puppet for an ideology because you end up pushing the ideas from the very people you claim to fight. I will forgive an actor in the 60s for believing crazy conspiracy theories, I won't in 2018 when simple research amidst the massive free information can be found to show the indisputability of the forgery of this document. Communism blames the oppressor (not you of course as the problem), This conspiracy blames the illuminati (not you).. Same thing really. Chose thinking critically, and don't be so sure you aren't as much a part of the problem!

  2. Too deep seriously sell your soul for money and fame and the rest well you will be happy just for a little bit of time then when you die you will suffer also you will suffer in the world. I am a sinner I know but I put my whole faith in our LORD the one and only ALMIGHTY swt & OUR BELOVED saws

  3. Ive taken a scholarly approach to deciphering the Quran. Thats when you quickly realize it is the Christian bible. Almost word for word. I have no idea if a God exists, but what the public has been brainwashed in to with opinions on Islam are far far from the truth. If any bible should scare you when you read it, is these demonic appearing gods with no remorse in the Tora, which is vagely familiar to the Talmud. It reads like a horror novel of black magics and ritual sacrifice, where Mulich/Balle are alive and well. People should actually read these text before allowing the goyim to form opinion, your jaw will drop.

  4. They really hates islam.. they gave Islam bad names.. they have media.. the brainwashed people about everything.. they created evils.. they can make MH370 dissapear.. no michael jackson, no John F. Kennedy, no faith, no nothing.. just NEW WORLD ORDER

  5. Call it what it is, Satan taking the World over. What is the one thing that Muslims, Satanist, Atheist, Communist, All have in common? They all hate and attack Christians. Atheists don't attack Islam in School, but any hint of Christianity is attacked immediately. Muslims attack Christianity worldwide daily. Satanist attack Christians but really not Muslims. They all unite against Christians. That's all the proof one should need.
    America is harder to destroy for the one fact that we will fight. War doesn't break us, it strengthens us. If we sadly loose a loved one in war, it is seen as a necessity. We have a sad pride in knowing our loved one was not a coward. That's why 1&2 made us stronger, not weaker.

  6. First they make themselves known to you as a young'un and make you feel 'chosen.' Then they follow a pattern of making you popular or unpopular until you go mad. Then they fatten you up with booze and drugs. Then they starve you of a sex life.
    All of this to bully you into having sex with a pervert who makes you 'famous.'

  7. Muslims follow Jesus more than christians. no pork no alcohol no sex before marriage we all Circumcised just like Jesus but christians don’t our women dress up like merry christian girls dress up half naked. No guy marriages. No singing and dancing in the church because that’s not how Jesus used to pray. we believe that Jesus was one of the best prophets (pbuh). He used to pray to almighty god too putting his forehead on the floor just like we do. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. People converting every day. That’s why satan and his worshipers are going crazy they can’t stop islam from growing fast so they start lying because they own the media. and they want people to hate Islam and stay away from it. Because Satan knows it’s the right way to heaven and his doing his best to fight it. Jesus was Muslim Moses was Muslim even Ibrahim and Adam. But no body listening. In the day of judgement no other religion will be expected except Islam.

  8. Hitler did receive funds from the internationalists; they tried to buy him off. After he came to power, he fucked the donors, kicked them all out of Germany and banned their activities. All secret societies including Freemasonry were banned. Hitler maneuvered how he had to to get into power. Claiming that Hitler was a Zionist/Illuminati agent is nonsense. The man fought tooth and nail to reclaim Germany from the grip of the Jews and the internationalists.

  9. Name the Jew. NAME THE JEW. Look up George Lincoln Rockwell, look up Dr. William Luther Pierce, look up "The Greatest Story Never Told". It's the JEWS. Believe me, I know it sounds like drivel, like rambling. But please take the time to look up who controls your media, your banks, your government and your education systems. All Jews who work tribally for their ascendancy.

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