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One Reply to “Secret Societies explained Knight Templars to Jesuits part 3”

  1. The Nights Templar were jews and it is the jews who control all information and all media and information and if you control all the media and all the information__you control all the money! Church = "Ju + Rch" = Jew Rich and if you question this you will be the next Human the Super jews crucify with alien technology. The jews know about higher mathematics and developed the current convoluted banking laws that enable the jews to control and steal all the money because you aren't supposed to know about higher mathematics such as Algebra, Trigonometry, and Series and Sequences. If you understood higher mathematics you'd quickly figure out how the jews legally stole all the money by developing banking laws that enable the jews to create money based on "Debt" and "Fractional Banking"__Super inflating the money supply and when you have a Super Inflated money supply and control that money__they you can buy everybody and everything and once you own everything
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