Secret Societies New World Order Illuminati Conspiracy or Real Facts + Committee of 300

Secret Societies New World Order Illuminati Conspiracy or Real Facts Committee of 300 (Taken from “END TIMES PRODUCTIONS” The Illuminati Are About To Make Their Final Move (2018-2019) In order to understand current events, you need to understand the past.
America has been controlled by deep state infiltrators for many years.
They have been working to set up their end game, which is about to unfold. Anyone with eyes to see knows the season we are in.

We cannot sit back and allow these people to continue operating from the shadows.

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Repent, for the kingdom of JAH is at hand.
Wash yourself in the Blood of Jesus
Prepare for his return.
God Bless
I Had To Upload this one as I Think everyone should see this Video due to the information & content. People need to know more about who they’re working for & where it’s all heading. Musicians & Actors, Models & Business people who have the talent & mind to accomplish their dreams are not getting the chance to progress due to the ownership of the Major Monopoly Organizations that control who gets where. The system controls everything & many people seem to never really understand why they’re living hand to mouth & struggling. The Strings are being pulled by the puppet masters who control the media, sports, entertainment, drugs, military & more. Very valuable information here in this video.
I Hope it opens the eyes of many more people on a global scale as this information is about World domination.

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