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The Jesuits — the political arm of the Vatican and the pagan church of Rome — have the goal of creating a one-world Catholic religious system through the infiltration of every Christian denomination and American political institution with the purpose of destroying the United States and the Protestant movement with unBiblical, occult and pagan practices with the help of the Illuminati.

This video shows how the Jesuits are directly implicated in its manipulation of American political institutions and changes they’ve deceitfully introduced through the infiltration of Jesuit-educated officials and groups.

In the video, the late ex-Jesuit priest Alberto Rivera, who was murdered in June 1997 for spilling the beans on the Jesuits and their twisted goals, addresses the various Jesuits militant organizations including the Blue Army, Opus Dei, etc. and they subversive ways.

He also addresses Vatican II’s ecumenical movement, which was pushed forward by John Paul II including his famous gathering of the world’s non-Christian leaders in Assisi, Italy in 1986. The World Council of Churches acts as a vessel for the Vatican’s ecumenical movement.

The Jesuits are active proponents in promoting the worship of Mary (Marian worship) and the future enforcement of Sunday laws in contradiction to the 7th day Sabbath commandment of the Most High.

The seven plagues of the Most High will soon fall upon those who will take the mark of the beast (Sunday rest and worship) — rather than observing the commandments of the Most High including the 7th day Sabbath commandment (Exodus 20:8-11) – and their fate will be an unpleasant one:

“[…] if any man worship the beast (Vatican) and his image (protestant churches) and receive his mark (Sunday) in his forehead (decision to accept Sunday as day of rest) or in his hand (not working on Sunday), the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb (Revelation 14:9-10).

Here are quotes from the Vatican or the first beast (nation) of Revelation 13) that point to Sunday as being its mark:

“Sunday is our MARK of our authority […] The church is above the Bible, and this transference of Sabbath observance is proof of that fact”. — Catholic Record of London, Ontario. Sept. 1, 1923.

“Of course the Catholic Church claims that the change [from Sabbath to Sunday] was her act. It could not have been otherwise, as none in those days would have dreamed of doing any thing in matters spiritual and religious without her, and the act is a MARK of her ecclesiastical power and authority in religious matters.” (from the office of Cardinal Gibbons, through Chancellor H. F. Thomas, November 11, 1895).

Soon, every man, woman and child will have to make a very important decision that will alter the fate: either embrace Christ and His commandments including the 7th day Sabbath commandment or obeying the satan-inspired beasts of Revelation 13, including the Vatican and the United States and their one world government and false religious system.

Make the right choice: choose Christ, keep His commandments and you’ll have eternal life.

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