Serenade for OBAMA HITLER and his NAZIS
Lyrics by Gianluca Zanna www.Zanna.US
If you love Obama so much
And you want to show me that I am wrong
I say he is a Nazi
you say No No
then come on the air and let’s get all along

I will show you facts and proofs
that if you support Obama
you are a nazi too

I am very sorry
to share bad news,
but Obama is a racist
and if you believe him, you are a fool

NDAA, and more Patriot act, NSA, and more IRAQ
illegal wars, syria, Libya, and ukraine,
you must be insane, to believe obama is a saint

Obama lover
come on the air
do not be scared
you know I will be fair

I am very sorry
to share more bad news,
Obama loves monsanto
but does not love you
he rules by edict
like Hitler or like a king
if you’re still following him
you’re just kissing his muslim ring
oh please wake up
don’t be a fool
Obama is a liar, to support Hitler is not cool


2 Replies to “Serenade for OBAMA HITLER and his NAZIS”

  1. I LOVE it ~ perfect Gianluca. Thanks for giving me this link when we met recently on face book. You have a nice voice too. I am still LMAO at your song. Amazing. Did you watch Joel Gilbert's, 'Dreams From My Real Father' ??? That was a great documentary he did showing Frank Marshall Davis as a very strong possible father. Thanks again for the song.

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