Check out my setup of TabletExpress’ new 10.1in DragonTouch A1X Quad Core Tablet

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Disclosure: The Dragon Touch A1X tablet was sent to us by Tablet Express to do a review of the product, all opinions expressed are 100% reviewers opinions alone.


26 Replies to “Setting up TabletExpress’ new 10.1in DragonTouch A1X Quad Core Tablet”

  1. what can you do if the WiFi won't connect to the router?? When I put in my password all is does is "SAVES"…never connects. My phone is on the WiFi at 75 MBS – I have 300 MB cable. But the tablet won't connect??? I tried to factory reset already, still nothing?? Any help??

  2. Hi! In January I purchased this tablet model and live in Caracas Venezuela. The pedi by amazon yet it took to reach me and I unfortunately the product arrived defective factory where the power buttons and volume are broken and not make contact with anything. I could not make a claim for reimbursement as it had expired the time to do it. I lost my investment unfortunately so this marks my defrauded me.

  3. hell i dropped mine a few days ago and it wont unlock like it will turn on but  i can nit unlock it and its been like that for says and i can not find a way to fix it . Can you help me ?

  4. I've been trying to follow various videos to try connecting to PC!  All of those dudes talk to much and goes up and around what one is trying to learn!  At this point I've never been able to get past the CONNECTING TO PC.  I Insert to micro USB Port and the other to my PC and from there I've been stuck!  It said, "Tap on USB Storage, and this is where I've been stuck at!  The men on these video's talk in extreme video language on a dammed professional computer person would know off the top!  Tap Turn on USB storage?  Where?  How?  Located Where?

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