– This happened today in San Francisco as I was walking up Sansome toward Bush. Two men were arguing for some reason – one homeless – then the other man chased him and started to throw him but we asked him to stop and walk off. The homeless man admitted he made fun of the guy (for some reason) but that didn’t mean he had to try and assault the guy. – vlog produced by Zennie Abraham Zennie62 Blog – youtube video
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36 Replies to “SF Homeless man assaulted for no good reason”

  1. He DID do something wrong and got assaulted for a very good reason. He called another man fat. Just because he is homeless doesn't mean he can say what he wants and get away from it.

  2. The person that made this video is an idiot. You had no idea what was going on, why you interfering? Of course the situation doesn't make sense, you don't know shit and you asked a homeless guy for the truth. Idiot.

  3. SF homeless can be really aggressive and a danger. This video shows nothing of what happened before, so you can't say the homeless person did nothing. I know you feel sorry for the homeless, but it's certainly possibly he did something that made the dude feel threatened

  4. I was in great shape most of my life I don't need some SORRY ASS FUCK like him making comments about my weight. I had my back broken in a tornado and the comments people make are just not warranted. Especially when they are not where I was at their age? That scuzzy ass bastard needs to take a shower and keep his crappy ass comments to himself. Some folks are at witts end and you tap that last nerve you are at risk of death. Sidewalk rage I guess.

  5. dont worry dude the american dream is just around the corner… mmm maybe if you move to Denmark or somewhere coz as you know we all socialists with our subsidized healthcare and no gun poilcy and stuff

  6. ''The guy did nothing wrong'' how do you know? how do you know the homeless guy didnt slap him around the head or something? you took sides without knowing the situation.

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