Shock Doctrine – The Freemasonic Order The Jesuit-Illuminati Connections PT1

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NB: Two mistakes to correct here…..from 5:15 to 5:40 please fix with an annotation the timeline was a mistake change to 1768 not 1868. Also one minor spelling mistake Wilhelmsbad not Whilhelmsbad, sorry but i have big hands and big fingers and can only type with two fingers lol.

In this part we look into the beginnings of the Illuminati and take a personal look into Adam Weishaupt’s life. We see how and who infiltrated Freemasonry and to this day we now know that Blue Freemasonry is the Illuminati. Subversion and infiltration you could say, was the order of the day.

There is a bit of reading here guys so if ya not up to it and don’t want to learn a bit of real history then you know what to do.


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