Should Ted Wilson Be Impeached? Part 3 of 3: The Jesuits.

David Mould tackles the taboo subject: Who’s Really Running the Seventh-day Adventist Church?


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  1. What proof or evidence is there that the "goods" in EGW's dream are her books? Does not the SDA church own more than just intellectual property? How about physical property? Seems that you've taken her words and created your own interpretation without any evidence provided that that is what the dream was referring to. All to fit your own personal agenda against the Great Hope. Which I agree is not comparable to the Great Controversy in the least.

  2. I having been born in kwazulu natal south africa also celebrated this cracker busting day call guy forkes day and we sang this song that goes like this guy forkse guy shoot him in the eye hang him on the goal post and let the bugger die this was in the early sixties and seventies and i never had the faintest idea as to what this all meant thanks i know now

  3. Dear brother Mould. This is fascinating material. I'm so glad I found you online!  I have my suspicions about a number of our Adventist leaders. Quite a few of whom have uttered things which sound Roman Catholic, such as the notion of "original sin" which I have heard a number of "ADVENTIST" ministers espouse, or that MARY the mother of Jesus was ORDAINED for ministry. This from a former PRESIDENT of the Ontario Conference of SDA's (just last Sabbath). Do you think these pastors are AGENTS working for the JESUIT order?

    Brother D.A. Shaw, Whitby, Ontario, Canada

  4. Men of talent and pleasing address, who once rejoiced in the truth, employ their powers to deceive and mislead souls. They become the most bitter enemies of their former brethren. When Sabbath-keepers are brought before the courts to answer for their faith, these apostates are the most efficient agents of Satan to misrepresent and accuse them, and by false reports and insinuations to stir up the rulers against them.¬† {GC88 608}¬† Sound Familiar…

  5. Ted Wilson, a man who is at the top of the SDA hierarchy, along with the top leadership in the SDA church, is responsible for the "Great Hoax", as well as the general apostasy in the church. Please note that it has been nearly 5 years since his election and other than his nice sounding speeches, he has done nothing to reverse the downward trend that the church has been in since the Evangelical Conferences of the 1950's. Actions speak louder than words and so far all we're hearing are words and no actions. The apostasy in the church is in fact worse now than it was 4-5 years ago. (e.g. distribution of the "Great Hoax", women's "ordination", ecuminism). Ted Wilson has become a pope to many SDA's. They cannot bear to hear anything negative said about him. No wonder some of them get angry when he is criticised or denounced. If Ted Wilson's hands are tied and he cannot prevent the publication and the distribution of the "Great Hoax" and women's "ordination", as some would have us believe, then what is the point of him being GC President? He might as well step down because his position is of no use. I thought the point of being a CEO or Director of a company is that one is able, not only to run an organisation, but to hire and fire people based on their skills and performance. If there were a group of rebellious people in any other organisation who went against the wishes of the organisation or the CEO/Director they would not continue to be gainfully employed by that organisation. Yet this principle does not seem to apply to Ted Wilson or the SDA church. Has anyone heard him denounce the "Great Hoax"? Ellen White stated that to be silent in the midst of apostasy is just as bad or worse than the apostasy itself (I'm paraphrasing).

    The Bible says "Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them." Matthew 7:20. It is not by their words, but by their fruits that we can tell someone's true colours or intentions. May the Lord remove the scales from our eyes that we may truly see.

  6. David; When I was in my early teens a group from the Toledo SDA church, about 1946, traveled¬† to Bowling Green Ohio – Lovett‚Äôs Grove – to the place where the vision in 1858 for the ‚ÄėGreat Controversy‚Äô was given.¬† Going forward to 2008 our Kettering SDA church had what was supposed to be a commemoration of the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the vision.¬† It was a shame and farce.¬† The had Jim Nix from the White Estate there to speak.¬† He was the first scheduled speaker at 9:30 am.¬† His talk was the first and last that the vision or ‚ÄėThe Great Controversy‚Äô was ever¬† mentioned.¬† (You can contact Brother Nix to get his thoughts.¬† He was taken back by this obvious affront to him and the subject.¬† I spoke to him about obvious slight at 2010 GC.)

    The last speaker of the day was Smuts Van Rooyen (not one word about the Vision pr Great Controversy book) was heard.¬† My summation of his about hour long talk was Legalism or Freedom.¬† His choice with no hesitation was freedom.¬† My reaction his talk was; that is exactly what Satan promised Eve in the Garden of Eden.¬† Yes, our nature is the desire for Freedom, but with freedom come responsibility.¬† That day was at a great expense with a huge outdoor tent and camera men taping the day ling event.¬† It certainly was not to boost the book ‚ÄėGreat Controversy‚Äô, what it was for I do not have a clue.¬† James C Opicka

  7. n the 2005 ITV programme The Gunpowder Plot: Exploding The Legend, a full-size replica of the House of Lords was built and destroyed with barrels of gunpowder. The experiment was conducted on the Advantica Spadeadam test site, and demonstrated that the explosion, if the gunpowder was in good order, would have killed all those in the building.[174] The power of the explosion was such that the 7-foot (2.1 m) deep concrete walls (replicating how archives suggest the walls of the old House of Lords were constructed) were reduced to rubble. Measuring devices placed in the chamber to calculate the force of the blast were themselves destroyed by the explosion; the skull of the dummy representing King James, which had been placed on a throne inside the chamber surrounded by courtiers, peers and bishops, was found a considerable distance from the site. According to the findings of the programme, no one within 330 feet (100 m) of the blast could have survived, and all of the stained glass windows in Westminster Abbey would have been shattered, as would all of the windows in the vicinity of the Palace. The explosion would have been seen from miles away, and heard from further away still. Even if only half of the gunpowder had gone off, everyone in the House of Lords and its environs would have been killed instantly.[174]

  8. EGW speaks of latter day infiltration of the Jesuits into public life, yes. However, did she speak of concern that they would infiltrate the Church? And even if they did – how can someone so bent on destroying Gods church not be indicated by their lives? I think that the Bible is instructive on this issue – "You shall know them by their fruits".

    Satan may masquerade as an angel of light, but the fact is – the adversary cannot produce Holy Spirit fruit. We have the Bible – The Word of God – and that Word was made flesh.

    Can the Jesuit bear the fruit of Christ?

  9. Thank you … I am watching and pondering (mostly regarding Ted Wilson and The Great Controversy) with great interest.¬† Who would know that this great book would be rejected by the SDA church?!¬† I didn't see this coming, at all…¬† How sad.

  10. Mr. Gould. I praise God that there are still men who will not compromise, and are unafraid to speak the truth. I am looking forward to the remaining videos. I also will be praying for God to protect you, and will be praying for Miller. God bless you greatly!!

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