8 Replies to “Siminar. Jesuits and their plan to destroy Protestantism and creating one world religion part1”

  1. All Muslims are sinner he says. I say all humans sin, but the best among sinners are those who repent! I like Prof Veith when he spoke against evolution, talks on vatican and the Jesuits.. then he goes off and says Islam is a Satanic religion created by the Vatican and their Jesuits priests, based on some moon God thing he found. Well Walter Veith perhaps I may suggest that you go to the source…investigate the Quran, read it with an open mind and tell me if this is the work of satan. Talk to muslims or debate scholars like Dr Syabir Ally and others… they deserve at least that much before you go off passing judgement without properly investigating.. fair?

  2. 2,152 views ? and Beyonce music video has 58 million views ……. Jesus said in the end times People will be drinking and eating , getting married and buying and selling …… VERY FEW WILL BE PREPARED …..

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