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1. a song in shorthand
2. old school video games
3. rapping movie titles
4. song about nothing
5. a gospel song
6. song about using restroom
7. a toy song
8. song about paying rent
9. song about housework
10. a screw the industry song
11. keyboard song
12. using bedroom noises
13. a song as a robot
14. a song with famous celebs
15. a letter from hip hop
16. many remixes (ex. run this town)
17. a twitter song

Singing Youtube Comments – Original Song!
Singing Youtube Comments – Original Song!
Singing Youtube Comments – Original Song!


28 Replies to “Singing Youtube Comments”

  1. I dare you to make a rap about kids tv shows like Dora the explorer and Barney and friends or you should make one about all the store people shop at like American eagle and foot locker and OMG MAKE A RAP ABOUT ALL THE FIFTY STATES BUT INSTEAD OF USING THE NAME LIKE NORTH CAROLINA YOU COME UP WITH WORDS USING THEIR INITALS LIKE NC WOULD BE NICE CITY

  2. Who likes my Mini Rap )No Offense(

    I was raised the one young n** who the one doing the bad shit
    Talk shit never had shit! I coulda remember when I got whooped in class and if I didn't pass my moma would whoop my ass! Wasn't my fault that planned it out! Broke out to be the man of the house. Cuz I couldn't take it! I coulda make a profit!.. Making G's was my mission! Moving with this shit! So get my moma out of the kitchen!

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