Sister Helen Prejean on Pope Francis’ revision of the death penalty teaching

Sister Helen Prejean, an anti-death penalty activist and author of the book Dead Man Walking, joins America senior editor and chief correspondent Kevin Clarke to discuss Pope Francis’ revision of the death penalty teaching.

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  1. I was always taught, and always believed, the death penalty is immoral always. Pro-LIfe has always been about fighting abortion, fighting euthanasia, fighting murder, on and on. Only the myopic focus on one thing. This is not a change to the Catechism if you know the Faith.

  2. I’m talking about sister Prejean. She rejoices in a statement by the point that he revised the Catholic Church’s teaching. So your statement was not on point. It will be in the cathechisme. Children will learn this «  as if it was the authentic teaching of Jésus ». My position on this statement is the same as your comment that it is not ex-cathedra not for the reason you gave here but because the teaching of the Church on the death penalty issue is resolved and infallible and no longer up for debate. We are asked to adhere to it. Sister Prejean does not understand the « dignity of the person » as defined not by free massons but by the Catholic Church.
    Very few catholic’s will think that Francis’s statement is not ex-cathedra. They will think that the Church has evolved, more humane. So the infallible teaching of the Church That the state has received from God the right to exercice His authority of life and death over people in certain very specific areas is being attacked here.

  3. So it means that it is false that the Catholic Church is infallible with regards to moral it’s moral teaching. That would also mean that no country cannot defend itself in the case of an aggressive attack by another country. It also means that if someone comes to rape me I cannot defend myself if my only option out would be to kill the the offender. Because everyone has a right to life.

  4. Just like divorce, it's the hardness of out hearts that compels the Catholic Church to allow the death penalty under extreme circumstances, but aside from the fact that The Church has been moving away from the death penalty for some time, aside from the fact that the last few Popes were also for its abolition, I seem to remember a time when the proposed execution of a young woman was being "justified" to Our Lord…He didn't seem to agree with them.

    So many people trying to justify the murder of someone who's already in custody and out of society. This isn't a case of war or a split-second decision to end someone's life in defense…this is a person already in custody that we then kill. That criminal, no matter how vile their offense, is STILL a child of God, who are we to decide their life should end? What is worth a human life, again? Taxes? Anger? Their punishment will come. We must be strong in the faith, Trust in The Lord (He did put Pope Francis in St. Peter's chair), and remember the teachings of Our Church: THOU SHALT NOT KILL.

  5. "Dignity" of the human person is a Vatican II construct. We must EARN our dignity! The death penalty is Just Punishment.

    Google "killers released from prison kill again."

    The Communist Party USA is also against the death penalty. That ought to tell you something.

    Celebrity nun Sister Helen Prejean – in a video interview – ADMITS that there are crimes that deserve the death penalty. WATCH FIRST 3 MINUTES –

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