Steam Works – High Frequency Noise Collage – Relaxation – Sleep – Study – Meditation – Ten Hours

Steam Works is ten hour high frequency noise collage. Buy noise clips hereDownload Noise at $1.50 Support channel creations here
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It is based on Blue, Violet, and Grey Noise, smoothly blended filtered and effected for a long play sonic delight. Minimal in structure, Steam works is void of notes, harmonies rhythm. I hope listeners enjoy it. Listeners have used the Noise Series in manners I never imagined. Every listener has a unique experience with the noise as the comments reflect.
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  1. Best form of concious healing to be listened to. It forms as an antenna to reduce and minimise negative vibes in the air by converting it into mind simulation of positive creations, simply by listening to steam. it is the best meditation to be used as it is the most simple form of cleansing and the calmest way to remove barriers in the mind by unclogging negative noises and emissions you keep inside. you will become perceptive to truest nature and more open to positivity and dismiss nagative vibrations. never listen to it while you sleep.the best way is when you are concious to improve overall grandeur of the mind. Many instances, circumstances and unknowns become clear as a result of steam digest. you will begin to trust true noise In Any Form and realise errors potent. becoming self aware is easier at many points that improve your ability to cope with stressful occurence. as it takes a while for us to digest positive rituals, i recommend listening to steam as much or little as you can to fully appreciates core solution. the vibrations in steam cause chemical reaction to provide mental stimulation of highest potency.

    thank you for this video. made sense that negative noise needs postive balance and steam acts as a method of mind development becoming open to life commitments, in my eyes, great importance.

    peace out

  2. Contrary to Pink Noise which partly cancels a lot of noise for me including some of my tinnitus, this Steam Works one actually seems to enhance my high-pitched tinnitus with its high frequencies, similar to old CRT TV sets which were very recognisable to me as a child/youngster even from a certain distance (or through windows/walls) and often caused some kind of dizziness (and headaches) in me.  Now that my tinnitus got more prominent to me and CRT monitors became less common, this hasn't been an issue anymore, although the tinnitus itself can now be pretty annoying sometimes.
    Certain high frequencies seem to stimulate my nerves or brain in a way that makes them rather unpleasant, even up to a point where my perception is impaired. When I listen to certain kinds of music, the effect is similar, although not as much as with this video.
    But I actually prefer quiet places. I often wish that I could flee the city and this so-called civilisation with all its artificial noises, machines … and people..

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