The NBA is scripted, I explain why this NBA Finals will all be a tribute to the World Cup and the 1st Jesuit Pope, and it is Golden State’s coach that has the same birthday as the foundation of the Jesuit Order.


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  1. You're the same guy that stated Toronto was going to take out the Lebron and the cavilers if I am not mistaken. The bottom line here is that it does not take much to see that the Warriors on paper, are simply a superior team with sharpshooters and a minimum of 3 Hall of Famers for the future. The game #1 loss, without question, had some flat-out questionable (gambling) influenced calls, but outside of that, the Warriors are clearly the dominant team and LeBron cannot defeat a team with 4 elite- superstars, I agree with your position. Is the fix in? the overturn call on Lebron, is a clear indication that obviously the Warriors are being set up to capture the title, the call unquestionably was made to STOP the cavilers from winning the game, by deflating their will to carry through, what was a clear upset. This world or matrix is under the thumb of very dark forces, nothing is real and everything is permitted in this prison realm for the soul or spirit, a prisoner in the flesh.

  2. So if warriors would become 6-4 in nba finals
    Wouldnt next year be 7-4
    KD signing day coincidence
    The last three peat was kobe lakers
    Now for kd to one up lebron and equal his championships and start the comparison to mj for kd

  3. How is it gematria when the media and 90 percent on people think they are going to get swept anyways , u just an nba prediction like. Everybody else, gematria or not , I think they are going to get swept

  4. Steve Kerr's 59th playoff win with the Warrior determined the NBA Champion on 5/28/2018:
    "Papa Francisco"=59
    A tribute to Pope Francis, the 1st Jesuit Pope from Argentina, Warriors clinch the Finals 37 days before the World Cup Final! Messi's birthday numerology equals 37 (6+2+4+1+9+8+7), and Moscow is located 37 degrees east!

  5. Tony, watch out if Cavs win game 2. If they do, you're dead wrong.

    Warriors fell on pi twice already this post season.

    314th franchise playoff game was vs pelicans, they lost.

    227th head to head vs rockets, they lost.

    Game 2 is the Cavs franchise 227th playoff game. And it's on the 154th day of the year (22×7=154). If the warriors lose that game, lebron is winning the series to become 22-7 in playoff series with Cleveland.

    If the Cavs lose game 2, you're probably right, and it's a sweep.

    But if the warriors continue losing on pi games, they're gonna fall face first in to pi on game 6 of the finals.

  6. You are wrong tony you, cant leave out the year he was born for date numerology & as for 36 with cavaliers if lebron wins he could win his 36th playoff series all time to become 45
    Remember king James = 45
    All star game showed team lebron beat team steph what did team steph have 145 1 x 45 = 45 !!! I have more but im not giving it too you. You are too arrogant. The cavs will win
    And lastly Alabama and Vegas. You would have to bet 1000$ to make 100$ Vegas is gonna EAT LIKE KINGS off this dude

  7. All this shit you talking just makes the games too fake now. When warriors won 2017 i was like ok who give a damn. All this scripted shit needs to stop. People need to just stop going to the games and shut the tvs off. Sweeping cavs will not make any money dumbass. I will bet you $500 they dont sweep.

  8. In some mind control video, oh I mean movie "Fahrenheit 451" (filming began July 2017) and main actor and executive producer was "Michael B Jordan" in it the movie is set in Cleveland Ohio, but in one scene they show a closeup of their fire truck and it clearly says "23 Cleveland" and it was a black & red truck, reminding one of the Chicago Bulls uniform from the mid 90's. Might be a hint to Cleveland Cavs winning the NBA final (age 33 Jordan & Lebron win their 4th title) or could be a bluff (misdirection) and Warriors win the finals. But definite hint from 1 year ago when Fahrenheit 451 was filmed that LeBron and Cavs were going to be in the 2018 NBA finals

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