24 Replies to “Stop Simpin For S-E-X Black Men! by Jason Black”

  1. This was an excellent presentation. I agree with much, if not all, that was presented. Jason does need to think more CAREFULLY about family relationship between men and women as well as between men and their children. He's way off, making an oversimplification of circumstances as well as causes and effects. For example, he states that if your child is a failure, then by default the father ain't carp and possibly the mother too. But if this is true, I can think of too many two- parent households that were ideal and yet the children turned out to be alcoholics and drug addicts. Whatever happened to individual agency and accountability? I definitely respect Jason on many topics but this particular example he's my sworn enemy.

  2. I was like this at age 23. Didn't realize how hard I was simpin. Only thing was while I was spending money on women hoping for ass and attention I actually was working very hard on my career. Now at 33 I have my shit together. These women can tell when you have your shit together too. I was in Home Depot the other day looking for a new tub for my masterbath in my house and the lady who works there started hitting on me while she was helping me. Renters don't go to HD. She was attractive with a big butt but I restrained myself. Shes probably used to guys chasing her and all. She seemed disappointed when I thanked her for her help and didn't ask for her #. Even though I was aroused the whole time we talked about the best tub I had to check myself.

  3. Nothing but the truth!… A hoe is a hoe regardless of gender and they're hoes for the same reasons! Usually, daddy issues. Little girls without daddies usually turn to sex to get the approval of men. Little boys without dads usually become womanizers and use sex to get the approval of women. Whorish behavior is equally as pathetic regardless of gender as well. If you're you're smashing 2 or more women and you're willing to kill a nigga over all of them….you're a thot-ass dude and you're only playing yourself. I've seen this first-hand and these brothas are weak as hell. These male thots are out here thuggin', hustlin', bangin', trappin', singin', dancin', prancin' and romancin' for these insta-thots! Thots give birth for more thots so stop the vicious cycle of thotism.

  4. Doesn't going around getting "easy sex" CREATE the problem of bastard babies??  If you can go around and get easy sex from random women, doesn't that automatically make her a "hoe" because she has no problem passing around sex "easily"…  Shouldn't sex come with marriage??  Marriage would be the only LOGICAL fix for the bastard making problem…  You spoke of nothing but getting irresponsible "easy" sex on demand… What do you think this behavior leads to???  And you call women "hoes"???  Men can't seem to make up their minds whether they like hoes, or they don't…  Also, I notice that men call women "hoes" even when they CAN'T get sex from them.  Makes no sense…

  5. even if you have few god point you hatred for african women hiding behind fake delusion of black nationalist support , you need take a good look at yourself this remind why i stop listen to you , you are as damaged that the one yo criticize

  6. Realest talk man. I swe the simps are spoiling the game for everyone. But i will never drop my standards. My niggaz act like am crazy when i turn down pussy out here lol, but thats me man. Pussy is all over and men need to stop simping. Shiiiid man and women both feel good when having sex and yall leting females act like pussy is the real deal. Damn, its 2016 yall need to stop giving dick for free to these females

  7. this video was real as shit. damn I love that feeling I get when I hear good knowledge being dropped. fuck a simp plain and SIMPle. I see these dudes everyday. I listen to their simp stories and just shake my head and laugh.

  8. I wuz MGTOW, b4 MGTOW.

    I'ma miss songz like, AIN'T 2 PROUD 2 BEG.

    Men, have ALWAYZ pinned 5 WOmen, xcept n da caveman dayz, when he raped them. ( Or @ least da femalez, not unda da protection, of da alpha male. ) MGTOW, admittedly, iz kinda, da return 2 dat less civilized timez, BUTT da man iz wimpy, dis time. ( He can say he iz civilized, 4 cover. ) SINce I wuz pre-MGTOW, I #1. subscribe 2 my own practicez, #2. don't hate WOmen, #3. don't beg 4 pussy, #4. am ntelligent & will not dumb down 4 no beeyatch. I only dumb-down, when I want 2, & I will never do so, 4 no female. Finally #5. I git an unfair amount of pussy. I git it by my termz, without headache, or hassle.


  9. When I was single, their was a point where I had to check my schedule to fit in time for yet another woman that I'd hit it off with, and being young, I wondered why. Now I understand that at the time I was all about working on my mind, my money and my fitness, and everything else was secondary. Nothing makes a woman stand up for a man more than a man who stands up for himself.

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