This is the 59th STWT live show! This is a once a week live discussion on air about the topics relevant to exposing the New World Order. This week I did a live dive into the connections between the Jesuit and Zionist banksters and the Rise of China. Are the powers that should not be pushing us into a Thucydides Trap?

Also discussed Fake News in regards to Hurricane Florence and many many more topics.

Thanks to my Guest!

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STWT show 59:

Boston Dynamics creepy robot:

Boston Dynamics:

Brian Richmond helping Florence victims:

Skripal Videos doctored:

Real fake news…

Chris Cornell the promise:

Rothschild in China…

Biden and Kerry making deals with China:

Breitbart deal with China and Kerry:

China’s belt and road initiative what is in it for Israel?

Israel passes US Military tech to China:

China and Israel a perfect match, growing steady:

Chinese alternative CIPS to SWIFT bank system, ties into the SWIFT bank system lol:

Government report finds most school shootings are fake reports:

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21 Replies to “#STWT Show 59: Rise of China & Thucydides Trap, Hurricane Fake News, Lawrence Fires & More…”

  1. And actually black and white , are actually the same shade and similar to each other. U can simply do an experiment by holding up a white screen , like your phone, than turn on another brighter bigger light in front of it and the image behind will illuminate and the phone or what ever u used will than appear to be BLACK. When in actual fact it's still white

  2. Alex Acosta Epstein's lawyer will be A.G. ?get the fuck out of here, wait and see if Hillary's Satanist paedophile pedovore child killers aren't executed ! don't bash the President because if Hillary won it surley would be pedo nation. All the Satanist paedophile ring hates President Trump ; what that says is he MIGHT be real. I hope & pray he is .

  3. I think it's the latter, Vicki pulled a very botched "Courtney Love". Kurt Cobain was a menace to everything we hate, much more than Cornell. The attention has to be on Vicki Cornell who's friends with Courtney..being friends with her means you are scum, Kurt was just blinded by Love until the In Utero tours and when they recorded "You Know You're Right" Love was disturbing the band…I could write a book about that one but courtney michelle harisson's own father wrote a book proving she got somebody close to Kurt to kill him. He was viewed as a threat by the government also, his punk ethos, similar to Cornell, 80's and early 90's Soundgarden being much more aggressive and not radio friendly, did not fit well and everyone were eating from Kurt's hand, it's strange how the only remaining big grunge band is Pearl Jam…and really Pearl Jam isn't really grunge, no punk or metal influences there, just radio-ready hard rock.

    Anyway the situation at the NM Sun Observatory is what's really wondering and honestly, even just weed isn't helping, thankfully I got a script for Temazepam (one capsule is enough to sleep, especially when naturally having had insomnia issues since I was a kid.

  4. Jordan Sather is a freemason shill… here he is doing a Masonic M hand sign along with the Pope. All of the astronauts are Freemasons. The word NASA means to deceive in Hebrew…. Freemasonry is Judaism for the goyim….

    #TheGoyimKnow (((who))) did 911 and USS LIBERTY attack!!!

    I respect your work but you need to wake up about the globe Earth deception. This deception was started 500 years ago by Copernicus, the Jesuits, Freemasons and Catholic Church to disprove God's existence.

    Come to Flat Earth 24/7 Discord … We have 8,000 members and we're not crazy …

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