We meet the star of “Summer With Cimorelli”! Sue is the amazing monkey pulling all the antics and throwing Jam at Lisa! Would you like to have a monkey as a pet? Let us know using #summerwithcimorelli.

6 sisters, a Monkey, an empty house and no parents. What could possibly go wrong?

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44 Replies to ““Summer With Cimorelli” is just a bunch of Monkey Business!”

  1. Keep reading on or you will die tonight at exactly 12:42 this is based on a true story once there was a baby girl named Mary her mother couldn't take all the crying so she decided it was time for her to go she buried her baby alive in the backyard after she buried her she could still hear her crying so she dug her back up and stabbed her one time in the arm and buried her again Mary cried louder for a few hours but at exactly 12:42 she stopped Mary died she bled to death now her spirit haunts the world and she wants everyone to feel her pain when your sleeping she stabs you at exactly 12:42 that's how she got her name "Bloody Mary"this is a true story apparently if you repost this it isn't fake apparently if you copy and paste this to 10 comments in the next 10 minutes you will have the best day of your life tomorrow but if you break the chain you die at exactly 12:42 by Bloody Mary

  2. I love Cimorelli and the show, but what I find really frustrating and so not necessary is that a monkey is included in the show. Monkeys should not be doing these things, they should be in the wild with other monkeys just being a real monkey. I believe that they are treated good and all and maybe they enjoy it now, but maybe that's just because they don't know better and that makes it even more sad. I've always been strongly against using animals like this monkey for this kind of stuff, it's extremely against their nature, they aren't humans, why treat them like that?? Sorry, this just makes me very very ''angry''. I'm not attacking the girls of Cimorelli, although they could have think better about putting this monkey in the series or not. But, maybe with having this said, people will actually care about the monkey's feelings too and not just blindly use a monkey as ''actor'' because they think it will make the series popular and cute to look at, because for me, and with me I think (I hope!) a lot of other people, this is just miserable to look at and it has changed my opinion about Cimorelli… Still love them and I will still be watching their videos, because they are extremely talented and I've been and will be a fan for years, but like is said, it has changed my opinion about them slightly… I'm sorry to say that, but what needs to be said, needs to be said.

  3. Chimps are not monkeys and should not be made into pets. They are wild animals. They are fun loving only when very young. They are several time stronger then humans and become irate when older.  They are very long lived as well. 60 + years.

  4. I wish my garden was a jungle with giraffe, monkey elephant lions and many more (friendly ones ) and then while your walking you see penguins and polar bears and as you walk on you see a park with dogs and cats and as you walk on you have a whole lot of rabbits and guinea pigs and as you walk on you see dears and as you walk on you see parrots and budgies and as you walk on you see reindeers and many many more animals and they will have loads of space and a happy life when they can be treated nicely… And if you actually bothered to read all this… Well… Yeah… This is really pointless but that's my dream never coming true 🙂

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