Every opposition is controlled opposition.

Here you can see very clearly Putin is under full control of the Freemasons. During this oath where he got re-elected for President in 2012, he uttered exactly 33 words.
Lucifer ili Sotona u Kremlju

Putin is a puppet of the Romanovs, the Russian arm of the global elite.

Putin’s mother is Jewish
PUTIN – just another oligarch Jew

His Orthodox Jewish friends Chabad-Lubavitch are extremely pro-Israel, and are almost the definition of Zionism. http://redefininggod.com/2016/02/chabad-lubavitch-vladimir-putin-and-the-globalist-end-times-script/

Just look at the flag and you’ll see it’s controlled by Freemasonry

Putin supports the NWO

NWO Royal Arch Freemason Vladimir Putin Exposed

Even though Putin is supposedly anti-Capitalism, he’s the richest president of the world.

Putin is the Jewish Messiah

Globalist Prophecy Watch: Update 3 – Is Vladimir Putin the Jewish Messiah?

Putin has close ties with Netanyahu, especially regarding Syria.

Putin’s plan to restore the Romanovs

Putin’s reintroduction of Tsarist symbols to Russia

Vladimir (Ras)Putin’s Jewish, Communist, and Bloodline Connections

This Tsarist Freemasonic double-headed eagle coat of arms was abolished with the Bolszewik Russian Revolution in 1917, and restored in 1993 after the constitutional crisis and the dissolution of the Soviet Union. It is directly derived from it’s medieval original.

Tsarist “Romanovsky” Obelisk Unveiled Near Kremlin
Tsarist Obelisk Unveiled Near Kremlin with Soviet Changes Removed


39 Replies to “Super Puppet Putin (Zionist Jesuit Freemason)”

  1. They thinking putin is the real 'rebel' for standing up and 'exposing' info on Rothschild and countries who fund ISIS. But this is just an act, almost every elected candidate for the last decades is/or will be corrupted by the occult and the elite in a matter of time. Putin is one of them and in the meanwhile “Russia wants to defeat ISIS as badly as we do,” Trump told Lauer.
    “If we had a relationship with Russia, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we
    could work on it together and knock the hell out of ISIS? Wouldn’t that
    be a wonderful thing?”
    All a beautiful distraction of NWO to construct there illusion of fighting evil and being the heroes the world needs for there new world order plan.
    Also this "The man has very strong control over a country," Trump said Wednesday of Putin,
    adding that the Russian president has "been a leader, far more than our
    president has been a leader." Trump's running mate, Mike Pence, said on
    Thursday that it's "inarguable" that Putin is a "stronger leader in his country than Barack Obama has been in this country."
    While the truth is that Putin hes public appearance is a facade.
     Hes country is crumbling under hes authority.While the United States and Europe continue to eke out a steady economic
    recovery, very little is going right for Russia. Gross domestic product
    in Russia cratered from $2.23 trillion in 2013 to $1.33 trillion last
    year — a staggering 40-percent drop
    They just keep false flagging and brainwash the public. In meanwhile they use the symbols of Apollyon the destroyer ( roman god of war ) while giving these amazing colorful speeches with giving 0 detail to the sheeple.

  2. 1)His mother isn't Jewish, tho he had Jewish friends in the childhood.
    2)Russian Orthodox Church is not subservient to the Roman Catholic Church, only a total imbecile could say that.
    3)He is not "friends" with Henry Kissinger.
    4)He has respectable relations with Israel and the Jewish Russian community.
    5)Nothing wrong with the Tzarist flag.
    6)Russia has a thousand years of animosity towards the Vatican.

  3. 3 mins 33 I would tend to agree . there is always the polarity and dialectic playing out while the gears crunch along layer upon layer of deception… . although Putin has a lot more about him and plays the role well .. He can speak off the cuff on pretty much any topic.

  4. Good video. People want to believe good things but this is not the time to be fooled. Their global world order will be hell on earth if we allow this. One point – add to the 3 independent 'states' (Washington DC, Vatican, City of London) the BIS bankers' building in Switzerland – not part of Switzerland who cannot command it to obey Swiss laws – its also independent.

  5. Awesome video my friend! I became aware he wasn’t fighting the NWO agenda when I found out he made holocaust denial illegal in Russia and the fact that Russia’s central bank is still controlled by the Rothschild’s made me realize he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I’m also a new subscriber btw 😃✌️

  6. When Stalin came out of the influence of the Zionists, anti-Russian hysteria began and then the second world war, because Stalin provided the ruble with gold and not a dollar, free housing and medicine, the best education in the world, and with the development of technology to reduce the working day. The policy is aimed at society, not at Aligarh is has become a threat to Zionism. Watching the anti-Russian propaganda now, Putin is doing everything right. Otherwise Putin would not be called a dictator

  7. The Tsars was no got damn masons you schmuck. Stalin Lenin and co was the biggest masons to exsist in Russia with 80% of the head of communists beeing jewish which ordered the slaughter of Christian ortodhox people.

  8. What a load of RUBBISH! Vladimir Pitin is a GENUINELY GOOD MAN and BRILLIANT LEADER. CHILDREN can see this clearly. What’s YOUR problem? Oh…huh? What’s that you say? You don’t want Trump’s America and Putin’s Russia becoming friends snd partners? Sounds like s YOU problem.

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