Super Woo Radio Episode 31 – Rey Hernandez – “F.R.E.E. Part 2”

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  1. what a load of rubbish from the mouth of a notorious scammers..Watch for his fake empty website called experiencer. ask yourself, why do those super intelligent high profiles scientists that he claims as his collaborators needs him to pass on their messages when they can or have delivered to the world their finding successfully , needs him to do it for his distorted words and ideas that is extracted from those celeb. He is a notorious scammerd from facts, he lure victims to join, steal and hacked into their emails,had a few associate workign with him, stealing photos and info, do up fake profiles and scammed on dating sites and anything he can put his hands on. He has  since hid his Ip, he has numerous IP , hacked into celeb email and websites, esp Mary"s..with them not knowing a clue..and all for the reason to scam for donation. so beware of this man.

  2. Awesome discussion! Can't wait until FREE is up and running. It's time for all those that have been lonely and needing a place to can finally come " out of the closet" and have a community. It's so time! Thanks Rey and George for all your efforts and concerns for humanity.

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