T Stews message to all on Flat Earth.

My email is flatearth333@gmail.com if you want to reach me. We are infinite potential! The 80 + books/gospels removed from the roman tainted bible isn’t an excuse to call yourself God or dismiss the Creator of all the heavens and earth. Our Creator is found from within!! Hypothetically speaking; if the entire earth pond population just simply obeyed the Ten Commandments derived from ancient Egyptian text, imagine how peaceful our world would truly be. LOVE ALL & EXCLUDE NONE. Let’s all come together and love one another and let the natural forces of order handle the ones who still want to hate.

Our Earth as it is in Heaven is a plane of existence where whoever claims their soul divinity and intends to bring forth Heaven on Earth will prosper and live an eternity of joy and happiness. At the center where all compases point to and where the lime green astral light originates from the black hole sun below us, are the waters of never ending twilight we must drink from. The vatican owns your soul until you place your blood over all your intentions of bringing forth Heaven on Earth for the benefit of all, of Loving all excluding none, and intending to reclaim your divine & sovereign Higher Self. In order to break free from ALL contracts that were made for you, this MUST BE DONE. In this video, I’m going to expose the roman cult and it’s bastard of a son, Freemasonry from its earliest origins in history. The archons or fallen ones and its puppet, the roman cult will stop at nothing to keep this information from you. Dark sorcery has been very busy in the past 1,000 years starting with its other creation, freemasonry to keep you blinded from our true world.

In 1302, Pope Boniface (bona-fiss) the 8th created the first Express Trust aka Anum Sanctum (Oonum-Saunt-tum) in history and got together with Prince Phillip to conspire to do away with the force that had been holding them at bay. The crusaders went off to Jerusalem to fight for christ and would give their palaces to the ones they could Trust where that person selected became the trustee of the property. After arriving back to reclaim their property, that trusted friend quickly became their worst enemy only to find the courts would not back the knights. Rulings became in favor for the trustee and the knights all lost their rights. So in 1307 they destroyed the ORIGINAL Knights Templar and began their rule over the entire world. Eventually this ” right of claim” was declared on most of every living soul today through the blood drawn from the heel of every baby. The roman empire claimed they owned the world through this Anum Sa-k-tum(Oonum-Saunt-tum) and no one has challenged them until now.

Our true history is held within all in the miles of vaults located under the vatican. By virtue of your birth certificate, this is the title of your soul for which the vatican has made claim through. You are owned through this title in their registry they have laid claim. They have registered you. Through blood over intent, you can collapse those trusts and make your own contract to bring forth Heaven on Earth and claim your dominion as children of God of the universe and NOT as their slaves or minions. You are lost at sea and EVERYTHING is based on Maritime Law. Thats why everything is referenced to a Ship hence ownerShip, partnerShip, citizenShip, etc. When you walk into court, you are considered incompetent and dead with no soul because they own it until you spill your blood over intent. This is painful history but the dark ages are nothing new to you history buffs.

When God’s creation and the Earth is erased from the motionless center of the Universe, the masonic maniacs who control the public school systems, banking, and teLIEvision PROGRAMS, move us physically and spiritually from a place of supreme worthiness to one of complete chaos. If the Earth is the center of the Universe, then the ideas of God, creation, and a purpose for human existence are EVERYWHERE. But if the Earth is just one of billions of planets revolving around billions of stars in billions of galaxies, then the ideas of God/ Creator and a specific purpose for Earth and human existence become highly implausible. By indoctrinating us into their materialist Sun-worship of a Big Bang monkey scientism , not only do we lose faith in anything beyond the material, we gain absolute faith in materiality, superficiality, status, selfishness, hedonism and consumerism.


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  1. OK brother now I'm listen people don't know they are worth money from the big bad vactican I'm have released my soul with the blood of Jesus the pope does not own me I curse those that condemn me with the blood of Jesus Amen Praise the most High The king of King's The Almighty Creator We Raise you up to Lead us to holy city Lord extolling you always Father

  2. light bends to create the illusion of a curve. Our rainbows tell the story of our perceptions . We seek answers to the lie of our belief which is 10% of truth. We look to science to give us conformation of our existence, to understand God's power and how it is used. But still we don't see. The enemy has used this against us to hold the upper hand as we are like children. to them. The enemy is as old as the dinosaurs so to speak and was here long before us. Adams race came into creation after and was corrupted by their race with science. We are so dumb struck with magic or technology ( SAME THING ) we believe anything. EVE… BELIEVE…. naive… Our power is within as we can become like Jesus and they know this so they dumb us down and offer what seems like a better thing or all the right answers. sheep are sheep and Shepard's are Shepard's, when we ask the serpent race to be the Shepard's of sheep then its for the slaughter……. poor Lamb's…….l o l Jesus said to be as wise as the serpent not be his slave… great work brother and keep it up. draw more light from source as you are a vessel of the most high. peace and love to all mankind alike…God be more us all.

  3. This land of perpetual twilight or whatever some believe the center of Earth is with an entrance at the North pole suffer more deceit by those who lost their 1st estate! This "as above so below is deception! The below is nothing like the above! Satan will have you believe this for those who claim to be wise are actually fools… Anyone who willingly flees the light for a vortex leading to perpetual twilight will weep and gnash teeth. Do not be deceived….

  4. God created the Earth but man created an expanding and infinite Universe with Millions of Galaxies containing Millions of Earth like Planets that seemingly cast Earth and its inhabitants to an insignificant status! This big bang prescribes that time is its creator not the Most High! Woe unto you who ignore the Scripture for the traditions of men! Let God be true and every man.. Bill Nye, Neil D. Tyson and Carl Sagan a liar!! Woe unto you who follow these traditions of men and ignore the Word of God! The Ancient Hebrews prescribed to Gods word in Genesis and their model of the World corresponds to it! In Genesis, God hovered over the waters! Not Space!! The vacuum of Space is a tradition of man and is against God's word! These waters existed while the Earth was void and without form! While darkness was upon the face of the deep! The deep are the Waters that the Spirit of God hovered over! God said " let there be a Firmament not Van,allen belts to separate the waters above from the waters below!! God commanded the dry Land to rise or appear out of the midst of the waters!! This is not a Globe that rises but dry Land!! Woe unto you…The traditions of men lead one astray from the true Word of the Most High God! These traditions are meant to praise man and his ingenuity not the truth but lies!! Just as the Apple symbolizes mans entry into sin and deceit so to did it occur again when Newton claimed to be hit in the head by another Apple that heralded in the lies of Gravity!! Do not be deceived.. This is the great deception….

  5. CERN are at Bilderberg 2017!
    "The Biggest Elitist and Secret Society meeting in the World."
    CERN and Bilderberg were both created in 1954.
    CERN: October 29th 1954, Bilderberg: May 29th 1954.
    Link below:

    NASA and The United Nation's "Antarctic Treaty" both were created in 1958.
    After Congressional hearings during spring 1958, Congress passed the legislation and President Eisenhower signed the National Aeronautics and Space Act into law on: July 29th, 1958.
    The Antarctic Treaty:
    On May 3rd, 1958. President Eisenhower invited the Soviet Union and 10 other nations "now 41 nations" involved with Antarctica research to begin Secret negotiations that would result in adoption of the Antarctic Treaty in Washington D.C.

    "More Proof they are Hiding what the world really is and what's Beyond it.
    Around the world people have seen 2 to 3 Suns in the Sky. Makes sense they are from other Flat Earth Lands like are own, with a Dome around them on a Ice Plain, that might be Infinite?
    Link below:

    2 Suns in the Sky from around the world.
    Link below:

    Flat Earth and other Earth Lands beyond the Antarctic Ice Wall on the Ice Plain lands?
    Link below:

  6. Could it be that NASA and the Russians have damaged our celestial Dome (the Firmament) with rockets and / or nuclear explosions? Why do I ask? I have noticed that over my lifetime here on earth that lakes, rivers, and oceans are continually rising causing much flooding in different parts of the world. If the firmament is damaged, and leaking water from above into our atmosphere, then this extra water is causing floods all over our earth as it is added to rain and snow?
    And, our governments are using this Global Warming narrative to deceive the very nature of the problem they created? Could I be right in my thinking? It's own theory and it also my makes perfectly good sense to me.

  7. except God wasnt the one who gave us the 10 commandments. the Lord Yahweh was the entity that spoke to Moses on the mountain & is the one who gave him the law & cursed those that would disobey it.
    But the Lord Yahweh is Satan & he gave us the 10 commandments to bring death & destruction to us because he knew we couldnt get it right & when we screwed up we were supposed to be cursed but that is why the REAL God sent his Son to redeem us…. he wasnt redeeming us from sinning against his laws because he didnt make those laws he redeemed us against Yahweh (satan) & hiz evil curse

  8. fe s are dangerous to are rights and freedom they want to inpose fe law on us all and stop science and nasa , one day one of theise natzis wiil hart some one or attack some one from nasa , they hate all things in this world ,they are fools helping the foolish , with lies and dogma flatards are mind control ,

  9. The Demonic Spirits WILL STILL TEMPT you.,your thoughts, and haunt you.
    Even when in the blood and body of Christ, ask ANY Preacher or Pastor that is.
    Fighting the haunts of being a slave to sin, or Habitual Sin, are truly great in my case.
    When you do not give in to these thoughts that are planted, that is victory over Sin….for a day.

    I am going thru this still,being Reborn into Jesus 3-9-2016. Could be God testing me.
    I find it strange, I can think of these things I used to do,wickedness,and it not Grab ,hook me ,,,,and sometimes,
    something unexpected pops into your head, and it hooks you, and you cannot stop thinking about doing a Sinful or Wicked thing.
    It is true,Jesus changed me.But I ,and others are still in the fire. Bombarded with influence to Sin.
    When I thought not it Sin, I would obey the manipulations…..now I try to resist them.
    And I Have won.but lost a few too. I am too weak to defend against the Evil permeating Satan's kingdoms.

    May Jesus find all that is HIS.

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