33 Replies to “Tanzania – Congo – Diamond Musica – Mapenzi”

  1. Diamond musica , members of this band are from two countries, Tanzania and Congo Kinshasa aka Zaire aka DRC….they all live in Tanzania , the owner of the band is Tanzanian. thats why they sing in swahili not lingala. as they target to entertain Swahili speakers mostly Tanzanian, Kenyan etc

  2. I don't understand when people urgue about where they come from either Tz or RDC. It 's nonsense. Do you know that almost many musicians in developed countries sing in English despite of their national languages. You must know that music is Show Business. You sing in the language where you can earn more. That's all. Music is nice. Keep it guys!!!

  3. karibuni ndugu yangu kwa Mashariki Afrika can you tell me is this more, are these guys from East Congo or Tanzania, it sounds like they have East Congo accents, but its cool to hear lingala/Congolese music in Kiswahili. Yes, I am almost sure they are Congolese. Let me know.

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