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  1. Yo I am from Boston MA and for about 3 years I have been experiencing the same type bullshit that you're experiencing. They often use homeless people, crackheads, heroin and crystal meth dealers and users. Feds are f**ked up it really sad that this terrorist government in the supposedly land of free is spending is allowed to carry out illegal activities our with impunity against its citizens. They have gone as far planting drugs in my hotel hotel room fortunately for me I found the drugs before I checked out. The Perp that I mistook as a friend left two 8 ball packs of crystal meth with two syringes on top of one of the kitchen cabinets in the hotel suite. I text that MotherF**ke,r his name Jason Holloway a slim black dude that they chauffeur in black Maserati, he didn't reply and I haven't see him since. This sh*t is real!!!!
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  2. Must've got one or kicked the cat (so to speak)…sentinels target all interloping locusts and the associated operators on the youtube targeted individual/gangstalking channels.

    With that taken care of…spiritually it probably means something but I always thought they dropped the demons inside them (or spirits) in the lights to feed (on us). As I remember it. They are electrical in nature so it's not out of the question that this is in part what they do. Otherwise animals…demons can get in the animals as well.

    GRACE of Jesus Christ and his FATHER with all non-demonized humans.

  3. It's a security light that turns itself on. If the neighborhood is on the ball, word has spread that there's a psychotic at your mother's house. Anyone who has a lick of sense would point their security light toward the possible threat too.

    Your acute paranoia is your own self fulfilling prophecy.

  4. Just adding to what I said that they will always create some sort of pressure from front back, left and right, and this is why you have noticed the lights from front and then right , and you will always get this harassment on all 4 sides wherever you go. Its designed to keep piling on the pressure as if everywhere we turn and then its done the same way in our minds with the electro magnetic frequency beams and v2k to cut us off in our own brains and like I mentioned its to constantly try to back us into corner after corner ( in the real world and in the spiritual ) world, and then they will try to make us feel trapped and then to make us come out fighting, and then when we try to explain the reasons and mention things like lights and neighbours we will look unbalanced, and again this is the goal to make us complain about things that look normal to non target people. Its very basic in all its sophistication to slowly take away rational thinking and speed up irrational hair trigger responses.

  5. Its what they do, they do it to make us feel cut off from all sides, and they create anchor points everywhere we go so now you will automatically feel pressure from those two points and it designed that way to make spiritual pressure points all around us. They do it with me where they will switch on house alarms for a few seconds when I am walking around my community, its a shock tactic to cause emotional trauma and to take away the feeling of safety in our minds and everyday life, and I know its hard but never bite at their methods because this is the ultimate goal.

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