34 Replies to “Tea Time WHO DA ILLUMINATI?”

  1. Whoodailluminati ! 1st David Beckham footballer! 2nd tiger woods 3rd Micheal Jordan. All sports stars who have masses of wealth. If they wasn’t in the whoodailluminati they wouldn’t have had as much exposure/ wealth.

  2. Even if one American citizen/patriot is denied his Second right then ALL are and I am that one & yet no one has come to my aid b/c they are afraid of the laws of men & what man will do to them if they break their UN godly laws by coming to help me who am in my 74 year. On the other hand they do NOT give a second thought to braking the laws of GOD in Christ b/c they fear men more then GOD who gave them their rights in the first place. 6/16/18 ~Maranatha~ p.s.I am NOT a convicted felon I just happen to live in N.Y.C . in the area called The Bronx. 6/16/18 ~MARANATHA~

  3. Who da Illuminati? Queen Elizabeth (politics; Meghan Markle bringing U.S. back to England), Pope Francis (bringing the world together understand one Satanic religion disguised as Christianity) and Trump is another political puppet preparing Jerusalem for the Antichrist as well as bringing N. Korea into the fold.

  4. Sage you do have some great content and your one Hell of a Musician that's for sure… I was thinking, If you can believe that…Lol..Lol… But all jokes aside have you ever thought about doing music video's No! No! Really check this out you could do It like a story time type of thing or a MTV Unplugged type of thing or something like that you know what I mean!!! But It would be a Hit people love that type of stuff and with your charm and ability to tell a great story Brother It would take off like a rocketship Ok Just a little food for thought But If you think about It get your Guitar out and strumm a few cords for us and I'm sure I can speak for some of the other folks when I say we all would love to hear ya play some Thanks Russ

  5. I think your ornately decorated In your mind… Watch him folk's he Is a dangerous man' you may not know it but this man Is a spy… he's an undercover agent for the FBI he's been sent here to Infiltrate YouTube… would you believe this man has gone as far as to lie to every one of us… and tear Wallace stickers off the bumpers of cars… and he even voted for George McGovern for President!!! Well, he's a friend of those long-haired hippie types and pinko freaks… I bet he even has a Farrah Fawcett Poster tacked up on the wall of his Garage Yes he Is an uneasy rider better keep an eye on him no doubt about It… Trolling, Trolling, Trolling Roll on Trollwagon…

  6. Oh the game… Who da loominati= At least half of the military are freemasons (know from experience), probably every police department in the US (know from experience), and of course the owners and higher ups of all major media outlets… Pretty broad selection but thats my answer lol

  7. we call em Mason Jars or corn liquor jars lol central Cantuckee.
    who da illumi-not-mi?…my 3 are:
    Jim Carey
    Oprah Winfrey
    Sarah Gilbert.
    no rational reasoning here just burned one and wanted to be included in tea time lol cheers Uncle Sage 🥃

  8. The illuminati is not at the top, it's the jesuits of the society of Jesus , all roads lead to Rome Vatican . Rothchilds are merely servants to the black pope , goerge soros , even the nights of Malta royal family in England are not the top. Masons are not higher echelon masons , they are called Shriners . And there are many flavors even then .

    Adolfo Nicholas has been black pope for a while. , but word is king Felix of Spain has or is going to take his place .

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