The 7 year Covenant is Not a Peace Agreement

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The Seven-Year Covenant
Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week; But in the middle of the week He shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering. (Daniel 9:27a)

Here in the last verse of Daniel chapter 9, we have a reference to the Antichrist making some kind of covenant with many people. This verse gives weight to the thesis that the Antichrist will claim to be the Jewish Messiah. Even until very recently, I’ve assumed that this verse was referring to a “seven-year peace agreement.” It has become so common for people to refer to this verse as a peace treaty of some sort that I confess I sort of took it for granted.

However, there is no reason to think this covenant is speaking of a peace treaty. In all the Bible versions I have available to me though Bible software and the Internet (a considerable number), the word “peace” is not mentioned or even implied. In addition, I suggest that whatever this covenant is that the Antichrist makes must be a covenant that was already in place, based on the underlying Hebrew text.

I believe this verse is referring to the Antichrist trying to fulfill the modern Jewish expectations of a “new covenant” that the Messiah will make in the last days. This concept is detailed in many places in the Old Testament, but a notable one is in Jeremiah 31:31, which states: “Behold, the days are coming, says the LORD, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah.”

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  1. Chris, you went through that whole video – and are right about it being the Mt. Sinai covenant.

    But to overlooked the actual requirement in the bible to confirm the Mt. Sinai covenant on the 7 year shmita cycle, on the feast of Tabernacles.

    It is in Deuteronomy 31:9-13, Moses made the requirement for all future leaders of Israel to give a speech before the nation of Israel of how God gave the children of Israel and their descendants the promised land as theirs forever.

  2. THANK YOU!  It is evident that this covenant is the Mosaic.  I don't believe it is necessary for the sacrifices to have been going on for 3.5 years, though.  The "confirming" of it could begin building of temple, and if, 3.5 years later, the sacrifices had only been happening for 6 months, or whatever, it could still be broken at that point and still fulfill prophecy.

  3. Good try. But it is a peace agreement because only a peace agreement can be done with "many" and covenant is done with the people of Israel. That is the key. It is a Peace Agreement. Good try. "Peace and Safety" is the focus of the world today.

  4. Daniel 7:27 does not refer to the anti-christ. That is a direct reference to Jesus. As with most things in the bible it revolves around the numbers 7 and 12. 7 = the time lime given to man to learn how to become perfect and 12 refers to the 12 tribes of Israel.

    Daniel prophesied that at the midpoint between the week or years of Jesus ministry he will be sacrificed for the sins of man. He was crucified on a Wednesday…the middle of the week and he died half way through his ministry. He started at 30…died at 33 1/2 years old. The second part of his ministry will be fulfilled on his return. He will spend 3 1/2 in the wilderness on his return teaching the remnants of the 12 tribes and any strangers among them. These are the ones who would have made their escape into the wilderness as prophesied in Revelation 12.

    There is no person called the anti-christ. There is only the beast and the false prophet. The beast is the
    thing the false prophet will create and made to walk and talk (reminiscent of Nebuchanezzar's statute). The false prophet will be the head of the Roman Catholic church. The leader of the EU will be the economic leader which will cause war, strife and starvation at the behest of the false prophet.

  5. Why don't we just fight each other and discuss every doctrine that splits the church till we are no more…. here is a thought, why don't we focus on Jesus loving us and saving us from Hell where the pressure of darkness will forever crush you and your lungs breathing in burning hot sulfur with death no where to be found.

  6. No more sacrifices, Jesus the Messiah was offered and that put an end to any furthers sacrifices as He announced on the Cross Tetelestai (It Is Finished). Therefore, impossible for the Messiah to be back for sacrifices to commence in the temple when He comes back. This is the problem with Judaism, they hold on to fulfilled and obsolete law of animal sacrifices, herein the antichrist (false messiah) manipulates the idea and gets them deceived as to believing he is the prophesied and long awaited Messiah, then gives them what they want. If only they'd believed the New Testament they'd not fallen the prey. The good news is that the real Messiah Whom they killed will come to help them out, hallelujah. I must say that the video blessed me anyways.

  7. Hi… well this makes little sense to me….confirm and already eternal covenant for 7 years… this implies an end date expected or implied not matter how u cut it. Sorry dont agree….and dont agree w your infomercial either. Who sells Gods word? Rebuke to u.

  8. THE Creator Yahweh has NEVER saved a JEW ever and THE creator Yahweh will NEVER save a JEW. So it is written.

    The Jews are children of the devil and MUST be born again to be saved. John 3: 1- 8. John 1: 12- 13.
    1 John 3: 9.

    The Creator Yahweh has NEVER saved a christian and Yahweh will NEVER save a christian. So it is written.

    ALL Christians JEWS and gentiles MUST BE BORN AGAIN. John 3: 1- 8.

    Christianity is a PAGAN religion.

    The Christians have broken the 1ST Commandment. Exo. 20: You shall have no other gods before Me says THE CREATOR Yahweh in the 4TH commandment.

    Rom. 11: 1- 33. This is Yahweh's ONLY WAY to salvation.

    ALL mankind MUST be born again and GRAFTED into Yahweh's Born again ISRAEL.

    For it is written:" ONLY Israel will be saved."

    The gates to the CITY of Yahweh have the names of the Children of Israel on them.

    ALL MUST be born again into one of the tribes of Israel to enter the gates to Yahweh's CITY. Rev. 22: 14. Rev. 21: 1- 7.

    My hearts desire is:" Rev. 22: 14. Rev. 21: 1- 7." These scriptures commence at the second coming for Yahshua's thousand year reign in the NEW Jerusalem on the earth made NEW sitting on David's throne ruling the nations as KING of kings and LORD of Lords. Rev. 20: 4 and 6.

    May THE Creator Yahweh give you your hearts desire.

    Heb. 12: 14.

    Bless you

  9. Very soon THE Creator Yahweh will empty His LAND of the Jews, Christians and Muslims .
    THEN THE Creator Yahweh will call His children: The children of Israel in the flesh.

    THEN Yahweh will command His children in the flesh to build Ezekiel's temple and go back to sacrificing Animals for 3 and a half years.

    The Jews are NOT Yahweh's children in the flesh.

    THE creator Yahweh WANTS His children in the flesh to go back to sacrificing Animals AGAIN.

    The children of Israel are Yahweh's chosen ones.

    The Jews are the children of the devil. So it is written.

    Rev. 11 tells us that Moses and Elijah are coming from heaven to this earth for 3 and half years.

    Elijah will do the SAME as he did on mount Carmel AGAIN. . Elijah will turn the hearts of the children to THE FATHER and the HEART of THE FATHER to the children. So it is written. Malachi 4: 6.

    Moses will do the SAME as he did on mount Sinai AGAIN. Moses will SHOW the children of Israel in the flesh their Messiah in Moses law.

    Yahweh said that He would SAVE one third of the LAST generation of the children of Israel in the FLESH.

    Read Ezekiel chapters 40 to 48 and you will SEE that Yahweh's Shekinah LIGHT will be in Ezekiel's temple for 3 and a half years at the time of the end. Dan. 12: 4 and 9.

    Syria will drop a WMD on the lake of Galilee.

    This will cause the Jews to nuclear bomb Damascus. Isa. 17: 1.

    This will cause Persia to join together with Iraq. The RAM. Dan. 8.

    Persia will unite the middle east under Islam.

    Persia will go to Yahweh's LAND and put to the sword every man, woman, child and baby Jew in Israel. NONE will survive . NOT ONE.
    Many will flee.

    10 million Jews world wide will die. Luke 21: 20- 26.

    Persia will call world wide Jihad.

    This will cause the GOAT with the large horn to go to Yahweh's LAND and put to death 100 million Muslims.

    Yahweh will empty His LAND of the Jews, Muslims and Christians.

    THEN Yahweh will call His chosen ones home to their LAND.

    THEN the time of the end will commence.

    1,335 days to the second coming. Dan. 12: 12.

    America is the large horn on the GOAT.

    THEN America will break into 4 nations. Dan. 8: 8.

    Out of 1 of these 4 nations will come the false messiah. Dan. 8: 9.

    The false messiah will put America back together again. Rev. 17: 8.

    The false messiah will be crowned KING of America. Dan. 8: 21.

    The KING of America will go to Yahweh's LAND and sit in Ezekiel's temple and rule the world as KING of Kings for 42 months.
    Rev. 13: 1- 5.

    The book of Daniel will be unsealed SOON. Dan. 12: 4 and 9.

    One of my Subscribers is " Benjamine Netanyahoo." He has been told what Yahweh has raised him up for: To do at the time of the end.

    Dan. 12: 10 tells us that the WISE will understand these salvation truths of things to come at the time of the end.

    May Yahweh give you understanding in these salvation scriptures of things to come.

    Heb. 12: 14.

    Bless you

  10. Do you not realized that you are under the spirit of the anti Christ with your interpretation of scripture. You have absolutely no idea what your talking about. You will make the same mistake the Jews made when they crucified Jesus. Do you not read the Bible? The anointed one is prophecied in the Torah. Why do you think the disciples though Jesus was supposed to restore the kingdom. There are definitely distinctions of Messianic scriptures. Christ is Messiah the king and the one who restores in the last days is Messiah the prince. God is fulfilling his covenant with David through the spiritual and natural. With Jesus the king and the son of David the prince but history will repeat itself and false teachers will inspire the killing of Messiah the prince

  11. The covenant is in Genesis Ch 15. When God made the covenant with Abraham about the promise land and his seed.
    This will be confirmed by the antichrist when they agree that the Jews have a right to worship on the Temple Mt. along with the muslims who worship there now at the Dome of the Rock.
    It will be a sharing arrangement of the Temple Mount.

  12. The New COVENANT will be forever but the 7 years is given to those honoring the PHYSICAL LAW rather than SPIRITUAL as Jacob's trouble,Jacob meaning non believers who are not of faith and instead operate by physical eyesight rather than SPIRITUAL!For the last Seven thousand years those of Faith have been tested more like Israels trouble rather than Jacob's!ISRAEL was Jacob's new name when he became a believer and when God goes back and forth between these two names it is to IDENTIFY the old man verses the new!When referring to Jacob as the older brothers(Jews represented by his first set of kids)he is called Jacob as well as when he was fearful of sending Benjamin with the older brothers to see Joseph because their is no fear in love and love has everything to do with Faith!When Jacob is spoken to as Joseph and Benjamin's father he is called ISRAEL as well as when he finally let Benjamin go with his older brothers to see Joseph thus being courageous rather than fearful!2 identities tied to 2 sets of kids,the older(Jews,not of Faith)and the younger who get the INHERITANCE,those of Faith(born again having Yeshua who is represented by Joseph!)

  13. The New COVENANT is a renewed COVENANT of the original COVENANT from Heaven that Adam broke and changed in the GARDEN when he ATE and therefore changed the COVENANT from the SPIRITUAL to the PHYSICAL thus serving a DIFFERENT creator,the creator of FLESH!Of course I can elaborate and explain for anyone who wants to hear me out!

  14. Thank you for this.  It is quite clear, but like so many man-made doctrines and shoehorn translations (making the text say what we want), we tend to believe what we have been taught, not read.  Pre-trib rapture is another example.

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