The Antichrist Identified! This new video is actually a section of a longer new video we hope to release in the future, but we feel this section is so important that it should be uploaded first as a separate video.


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  1. First, I'm not Catholic. But this video makes more sense than anything I have heard from any Protestant teacher. This is scary and eye opening. Unfortunately, many Protestants would not even consider such teaching to be true. I have been studying the Catholic and Orthodox faiths for some time in trying to understand them and better understand the teachings. Please pray for me to come to a knowledge of the truth and a heart that will be obedient to it. Please continue this work that you are doing. I hope that it will affect the hearts of Catholics and those like me to turn with repentant hearts to the One True God.

  2. So, what should Catholics do, knowing this now? I am really disgusted with all of the child sexual abuse stuff!!! Should we continue to attend church and financially support the church? And, also: What about Baptists, Evangelicals, Pentecostals, etc? I know people of these religions who definitely believe in God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. They all will go to Heaven, right?!

  3. This is a great video yet I still question heavily the catholic religion all has been or seemed so tainted by evil. I cant bring myself to consider converting to Catholicism of any kind at all. How can you trust any of it?

  4. Did not this Pope tell his followers that they shouldn’t have any kind of relationship with Jesus Christ, that He would just confuse them? Or something like that? Look at the Pope’s eyes. He has dark, empty eyes. Like a doll. Like he has no soul. He gives me the creeps. I believe he is evil. Very evil. God be with us all.

  5. I always thought JPII to be a good and holy man – but seeing him kiss the Koran had my blood boiling! Not to mention hosting other religious leaders who either reject or don't know the one Lord Jesus Christ; yes a terrible apostasy if ever there was one!
    But we can't judge this man because we don't know if JPII came to realize his sin and was then forgiven by God!?
    JPII was also the man, tied to the Virgin Mary, who was supposedly part of the Third Secret!
    Yes God can use anyone to accomplish His will; we can't judge this man because he did so much good for the church and for the world! To call him an anti-pope I think goes too far.
    I pray that Almighty God may illuminate all of us to know Truth! Peace.

  6. Please tell me which magisterial and dogmatic teachings of the popes have been done away with since Vatican II? I am not aware of any. Changes in the Liturgy have occurred all through the centuries. I am not saying that Catholic religious fervor has not greatly declined over the past decades, and that there are some dubious characters in the Vatican. "The smoke of Satan has entered the Church," as Pope Paul VI has said; he was most assuredly a legitimate Pope. Pope John Paul II's ecumenical prayer day may have been ill advised, but then why did the communists, a truly godless group, try to assassinate him? – Also, I believe that every religion that believes in a spiritual creator of heaven and earth worships God, although their concept of Him is obscured.

  7. We are all called to evangelize how in the world could you evangelize if you didn't reach out to people of every strange and odd belief all over the world inorder to spread the good news of Christ?

    I would expect nothing less of a Pope during the last days. It's like you want to keep Christ in a box hidden from the world. That isn't what Christ said he said go into the nations of the world and spread the good news. Much of your interpretation of this event sounds like a hard core interpretation of John Calvin not Catholic dogma.

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