THE BAVARIAN ILLUMINATI was Created by The Society of Jesus (The Jesuits)

The word Illuminati just means enlightened and refers to any individual or a group of individuals that have secret beneficial knowledge.

Since the dawn of man kind human individuals have kept secret knowledge, some individuals use their occult knowledge for the benefit of humanity and some human individuals use their secret knowledge for their own selfish evil purposes.

All knowledge is neutral, the only thing that is evil is the intentions of the individual that has the knowledge and good and evil is also subjective depending on what you are and who you are.

Please do your own research and don’t allow your self to be fooled by religious fundamentalists that are dogmatic and promote blind faith. Blind faith is for fools.

In reference to the word ILLUMINATI various groups have called them selves Illuminati in the past and we will always remain confused when studying ILLUMINISM if we don’t study the origins of the groups that have consistently called themselves Illuminati.

Some of the groups that have called themselves Illuminati in the past are the Jesuits. Ignatius Loyola was a member of the Los Alumbrados, the Illuminati of Spain during the medieval period before he founded the Society of Jesus-The Jesuits:…

After the Jesuits were Suppressed by the Catholic church from an order by Pope Clement XIV on the 21st of July 1773:… The Jesuits decided to go underground and create many front organizations that could allow them to continue their operations for global power. 1 of the front groups that they created was the Bavarian Illuminati with 1 of their members Adam Weishaupt that was a professor of Canon law at 1 of the former Universities of the Jesuits in Germany…
The purpose for the creation of the Bavarian Illuminati was to allow the Jesuits gain revenge against the Catholic Church for suppressing them and also against all the European Monarchs that had expelled them from their domains:

Other groups that have called themselves Illuminati in the past and still do today include groups such as:

The original Rosicrucians: (The Church of Illumination another branch of the Rosicrucian fellowship connected the Illuminati)

The more modern version of the Rosicrucian Illuminati, The Svmmvm Bonvm Organization, Ordo Illuminati Aegyptorum:




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