In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on North Korea and comments of U.S President Donald Trump. As these two countries face off on the global stage we go into the threats made against Guam. Where China and Russia stand on this conflict and their likely response.

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29 Replies to “The Biggest Lie Sold To Us About North Korea”

  1. I know this already. Their interest is to corner in China hence China building those islands. Look at the geography of that region. China wants to prevent that . It is very simple process if you think about it. It is not the American people that is bad as they're fooled by their government.

  2. North Korea is nothing but a bully so if fat boy toy aka rocket man will fold like a deck of cards . USA is ready willing and able to de nuclear them without any trouble what so ever be ready North Korea because China doesn't worry us .

  3. We need to get this information out to people in 'less fortunate' counteies as well. I dont know how to get the sentimwnt from westerners. They have lulled lots of us to sleep. We need a covert plan to go along with the spread of true information amd not propagandized shit. Im sick of this shit.

  4. And , op. This is all orchestrayed. Its all choreographed. So when you say things like' trump tried to do this or that' , he is a puppet. Obviously. Hence, why he retracted campaign statements after now being president. They are all fuck faces. . ok my bad. You said it at the end. My bad. Same exact shit over and over and over again.

  5. Guam? Guam? Like for real , guam?. Thats highly laughable. Who in the fuck here , for one ever thought about guam before now? Second , why the fuck would anyone warrant their oqn death just to prove you can blow up guam?. Guam?. Wtf. This shit has to stop somehow. China and russia need to team up with that petro yuan. Vids ive heard from putin are fair. Not to say he , like all wont lie here or there when necessary but our presidents and politicians and all allies are absolite liard. And its. A shame that they lie to us the way they do. Is it really really really this necessary to do us like this. Make me think of the matrix. They are the fuckin robots and sentinels. And they want us to keep them going bcause they burned out the sun and need energy. Instead of the sun the energy they get from us is money. Thats their energy. Makes you think , what type of sinister mothafuckas will do this shit for money. Are human beings really this greedy? I truly think not. We know deep down inside we just need to eat shit fuck and sleep. That doesnt coat gas or lives of people. It isnt that fucking serious. We are human beings. We can make do ourselves. This is true. We can get along. We are smart enough to come up with ways to get rid of old outdated technology such as gasonline and fossil fuels. Tesla found a way remeber , oh no they 'deatroyed his work'. Why, cuz it woulda veen free. See a pattern? Remeber that guy in the early 90's that drove a car fro. Ca to new york on water? Where in the fuck is the water car today?. Guess what, the guy mysteriously died a year or so later. Hmn see a patyern here. With so mqny advancemts in science , technology qnd AI. We have cures for diseases and preventative measures that can be used. NATURALLY. But they dont want you disease free. They'd be broke. They misinform mislead , for what really??? Money??? Think about it. Can it be so important? When i get so low to the bottom other ideas have to emetge , like are these niggas really human? Could they be reptilian? Could they be demons? Jin? Aliens? Like im human, and , yes being here in this system , ok yeah i want money. But , not to say we should all be koombaya but fuck , hmm money or dissolve that retared idea completly and juat fucking live. We dont need money to travel . just the Will to do so. Sad . again. Are they really human? What gives? Now, they have condition us to believe what i just said is wacky , heretical, bs, conspiracy theory and so on on. But , the pattern of thwir lies and deceit absolutly warrants it.

  6. Hey, Luke. It's actually YOU who's spreading disinformation. North Korea has violated the 1953 Korean Armistice Agreement in every single decade!–present

    They also support communist terrorist groups, which is why Bush was RIGHT when he declared them to be part of the "Axis of Evil."

    Seeking nukes is just the way Pyongyang want to reinforce their ability to cause more communist wars!

  7. You are wrong and ignorant. You are too young to remember that 1).North Korea invaded The South in 1950 and caused more than 2 milion casualties. More than 20 UN coutries fought for The South Korea and about 40,000 US DEATH AND 200,000 WOUNDED. 2). The North Korea has been preparing for the second war for last 70 years with more than 1 million army and 2000 long range guns at 38th pararel line threatening to make Seoul a field of flame. The US and South Korean miltary exercises are only for defense. 3). The North Korean nuclear threat is real to South Korea and US. The Korean dictator used most of resources to build military power instead feeding his people. Over 300,000 political assasinations and starvation deaths under his regime. He killed his own uncle and half brother. 4). You don't know The South Korea's constitution that The South shall unite the country in peaceful and democratic means. The South has never recognized The North as a legitimate county. The regime needs to be changed for 20 million poor north Koreans. The GDP of the North is about 1/30th of the South Korea. The Kim's 3 generations have kept the country and people very poor. 5). The North Korea and China want to destroy The South Korea and get rid of the buffer zone. The SouthKorea and US have never intended to invade The North Korea and have been apreparing for self defense. I urge you to learn more the histry and facts before you attemt any futher comment on Korea unless you are one of The North symphasizers who have been disrorting facts. Sorry I did not mean to insult you. It is my wish that someone like you young and energetic to be on correct fact basis and what is right and wrong. Don't be emotional. Peoples like to be correctly informed. Thank you for listening.

  8. Why not invest in Drone Cars Instead of Drone missiles? We could be getting in our flying cars by now as much as they spent on Destroying countries for What?! War crimes & criminals should be brought to justice. Last few administrations should be brought to justice for All the middle east atrocities

  9. U Americans are lucky, at least u have and can get hold of weapons in the likely hood of www3 etc. We Europeans are proper fucked if it came to defending our selves and families. Hope this shit never happens, but at this point it looks inevitable. GOD BLESS THE WHOLE WORLD!!!

  10. Every time the us or any other country is offered anything in Aid tons of Aid to North Korea have to stop its nuclear programs and they always agree and then take the aid and then turn around and renege on their obligations the keep producing more and more plutonium to make weapons and keep testing icbm's and keep testing nuclear weapons so what's the world to do are there in are they not a rising nuclear power if you watch them North Korean mainstream media you'll see some pretty telling stuff

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