Free Pdf Book The Black Pope
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“The Secret History of the Jesuits”
by Edmond Paris
downloadlink here:
“Vatican assassins, wounded in the house of my friends”
by Eric Jon Phelps
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and many other, hard to get or forbidden books on that subject.
also look at:
go to these these websites for revelation on the power of the black pope­l “50 Years in The Church of Rome” By Charles Chiniquy. “The Vatican Billions” By Avro Manhattan.
“The Vatican’s Holocaust” By Avro Manhattan.
“Viet Nam, Why did we go?” by Avro Manhattan;
“The Vatican in World Politics” by Avro Manhattan;
“The Secret Terrorists”
Quotations jesuit order:


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  1. The head of the Jesuits is named Adolfo Nicolás Pachón and he is not Pope Francis. Also, John Adams' opinion about the Jesuits is no more relevant than yours. All your "sources" are anti-Catholic and nothing more.

    Why don't you produce a video based on truth?

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