The Catholic Church is a Force for Good in the World – Full Version

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Stephen Fry and Christopher Hitchens battle it out with Archbishop John Onaiyekan and Ann Widdecombe over the motion “The Catholic Church is a Force for Good in the World” in our debate from 2009.

Stephen Fry’s clash with Anne Widdecombe was turned into an an iq2 Short, which can be seen here:


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  1. The entire Q&A section was a train wreck. "I'm going to take two dozen questions, please keep them to 15 seconds, then I will ask the panel to deal with them all in one go over a couple of minutes."

    Who thought that was a good format?

  2. So the church supported German, Spanish, Croatian freedom from Zionist billionaire bankers who endorsed real slavery (jews owned almost every slave ship during the trans Atlantic slave period) and that's bad and that's what they should beg forgiveness for?

    lol. What about the 200+ million people (mostly Christian) murdered by the atheist communists? lol. that's ok cuz "no true scottsman".

    Germany is ruined now thanks to oh so great atheist allied forces raping, torturing and slaughtering millions. but yea, that darn Catholic Church needs to apologize for supporting freedom, the right to own your own wealth, universal healthcare and rising up the poor. damn "racist fascists!!!"

    meanwhile atheists In every nation where they get power murder millions

    ^^^thats ok cuz atheism isn't an idea so atheists always genociding people is ok. no true scottsman!! but if Christians do it well it's obviously Christianity to blame and all Christians need to ask for forgiveness!!!

    but jews slaughtering Palestinians is ok cuz "no true scottsman!!"

  3. Christopher Hitchens: talks about the churches atrocities during ww2, their horrible position in Rwanda, their condemnation of gays and pedofile priests
    Ann Widdecombe: "it is interesting that he had to go all the way back to the crusades to find something wrong"

    Uhm.. Did you fall asleep or something?

  4. I am protestant, not an atheist. But I love Hitchens, Fry, and Penn Jillette so much and watch them often. They are truly independent, critical thinkers and deserve the ear of many Christians who could learn a lot by how the Church is perceived by those who know of no God. It should change our behavior.

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