The Catholic Church Needs To Be Shut Down

#ShutItDown #ShutDownTheCatholicChurch


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  1. Better would be to remove the tool They have for widespread influence: money, the accounting of Human energy added into the system that accounts for Our energy added. Better would be a foundation that promotes the caring Ones and not the psychopaths to take care of things. My playlist offers data on how We can do this.

  2. Islamics men are paedophilic They have sex with children all the time. Mosques should be closed down not churches. Not all priests are the same. This is a Christian country not an Islamic country. Even though we know they are trying to make our country Islamic. Not chance. We will never give way to filthy Islamic men and child predators. They marry baby’s. It is a disgrace. All Radical Islamic men should have their dicks cut off. Children and young girls are not safe with them around. Yes Mosques should be demolished there is a lot of badness goes on inside them converting to terrorism is one. Stock piling Arms. Most of them are paedophile’s. How dare you say churches should be shut down. Why so they can replace them with more Mosques. There are a lot more Paedofil’s in a Mosque than chuches. So you video todaystjnks.

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