“The choice to know will ultimately be yours.”

“The choice to know will ultimately be yours.”

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  1. Another one bites the dust. Christopher Carl Collins an American politician and member of the Republican Party who has been the United States Representative for New York's 27th congressional district since 2013, has been charged with alleged securities fraud, wire fraud and false statements. Ah, cleaning the swamp. Great job, POTUS.

  2. Is Barak Obama really QAnon? He goes everywhere the President does. It's been said that he is the ninth member of the Sirian Counsel of Nine. He will help the world ascend. We truly do not want to know all of the corrupt things that have been done to us. Would you want to know that you've been eating human DNA? That of the 800,000 children missing each year in America and 7 million missing each year worldwide; that you've found a piece or two? You do not want to know. Just be thankful and grateful that all of this evil is about to end. God bless.

  3. Let's see,their top spy,crook wants to warn the world that all of his crooked friends will be back. Gee,who do you think the world wants to trust? He had to stand up for his crooked friends and make a show since they have no leader! Of course their leader is hiding . Our leader has done nothing wrong so he doesn't need to hide and alllllllllllllll the true patriots are behind President Trump.

  4. I want to believe that Qanon is the real deal, but I am having reservations. Why has Q not addressed the DEW fires that are targeting the innocent people and their homes in Northern California, Greece, Canada, Sweden et al. Why has he not addressed the chemtrails? The 5G rollout in California? The weather manipulation to create food and water shortages? Why has has he ignored the many methods of the Deep State's soft genocide war against all of humanity that is far more important to address than the politico struggles in DC. Is Q a psyop to divert our attention away from the real threats? Is Q a psyop to give us a sense of "we are winning" to keep us in a trance so the Deep State can progressively boil us to the point of no return? I would like to know your opinion and Q's response to these real threats. God Bless America!

  5. No this look more like a narrative they're floating around cuz the deep state operatives are plotting against us by trying to take Trump out. Trump and Congress needs to close all those offices for a time and hire new recruits with americans values and loyalty. Get rid of all that ORWELLIAN ghestapo kangaroo POLICIES put since 1913 which were in place to protect the deep state

  6. I really like you. You seem like a genuinely nice person. Not only are you intelligent or fake it well, (jk) you are one of the least annoying "preachers" I have heard. I wish more "Christians" aka any religious leaders, were more like you. You don't use fear , intimidation, fluff or anything that isn't coming from your heart. Idk you have a very special gift and I really appreciate your faith, diligence, and positive attitude. It inspires me to be a kinder person. I really admire how you don't prioritize making money out of this too. Your message is what's most important and that's a good way you can stay un corruptible. Even if you got really rich you seem like you would give it all away to charity rather than let it destroy your soul. Not many of us can be this "godly." Although I do try and I do love capitalism and think it is the best policy for our modern society. but free market capitalism. Or what the constitution says about every person being free to prosper.But those of us who woke up long ago can see how this has changed over time. Now it is our time to maga and just want to say I love you and God bless you. Thank you for telling the truth

  7. As to procedure in launching from a US sub, YOU DON'T HAVE A CLUE AND NEITHER DO I! That communication system has nothing to hack or access. That launch could be any tiny rocket, even one made for competitive events, which occur all the time! WATCH WHAT YOU SAY OR PEOPLE WILL GET PISSED AND YOUR STATUS YOU HAVE WORKED SO HARD TO BUILD WILL BE ELIMINATED! THAT CAN HAPPEN! sm

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