The CIA (E. Howard Hunt) Admits The Jesuits are The Worlds Greatest Intelligence Netwok !

YouTube Channel: WeAreONEbigFamily

He didn’t say That The Jesuits are also The Worlds Greatest Power which is
The TRUTH. The Jesuits Totally Control The VATICAN and ALL Freemasonry,
Intelligence, Religion/Cults, Universities, Law, MEDIA / Hollywood,
Military and Banking WORLD WIDE together with The Vatican Knighthoods !
Because they control The Pope serving Masonic Zionists since The Creation
of The Bavarian Illuminati ! They also control The Leaders of the Middle
east (Wahibi Islam) and many more world leaders (infact almost all of them)
How would they ever succeed in a New World Order if they didn’t controlled
it all …?!!

Secrets of the Jesuit CIA


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  1. The Jesuits – 1600 – 1750 Communist Reductions in Paraguay

    “The Society may also advantageously traffic under the borrowed names of some rich merchants [Shriner Freemasons and Knights of Malta], our friends; but never without a prospect of certain and abundant gain; and this may be done even to the Indies, which hitherto, by the bountiful favor of God, have furnished us not only with souls, but also plenteously supplied our coffers with wealth.”
    Ignatius Loyola, 1540 Founder, 1st Jesuit General, 1540-1556 Secret Instructions of the Jesuits
    “I find almost the whole wealth of Central America in the hands of the Jesuits, and the property they hold in heads of cattle [“the Father of the Cattle Business” being Arizona Jesuit Eusebio Kino] and sheep is something truly enormous . . . and they have succeeded in a word to bring to such a height their power and riches that the secular clergy will soon be compelled to beg their bread from the Jesuits.” Juan de Palafox, 1647 Bishop of Los Angeles, Mexico Report to Pope Innocent X
    “They dare before us, to enslave the Indians of Paraguay, to sell them, or buy them . . . separating mothers from their children, and to despoil them of their goods and property.”
    Pope Benedict XIV Bull of December, 1741
    “When once the Jesuits had raised up a generation so devoted and obedient, they then brought into operation their system of government, and *made a successful attempt to realize that republic preconceived of old by Plato*, and which, with perhaps more interested views, is held out to us by the Socialists of our own day. In fact, their form of a republic was nothing else than Communism which the famous [French Roman Catholic Etienne] Cabet [who died in Jesuit-controlled St. Louis in 1856] is now trying to establish in nearly the same regions; the only difference being, that the Jesuits substituted themselves for the state or community.”
    G. B. Nicolini of Rome, 1854 Protestant Italian Patriot Exiled to England History of the Jesuits

  2. The illuminati was set up by Adam Weishaubt, in 1776. Adam Weishaubt was a Jesuit, and the sole purpose of the jesuits is to unite the world under the Roman Catholic Church. The jesuits have a certain principle: The end justifies the means. The jesuits will do anything to gain control for the Roman Catholic Church, even if they have to kill a whole people group.
    The illuminati did/does indeed exist, but the purpose of the illuminati was solely to gain control for the Roman Catholic Church. The Jesuits have control of the most important political and governmental institutions. The Jesuits control all secret societies in the world, including Free Masonry, Illuminati, Knights of Malta, Templars, Skull and Bones, etc. You can trace every secret society to the jesuits, attested by historical reliable documents.
    What does this mean? If the Jesuits control every secret society in the world, and these secret societies produce prominent figures throughout the world (Joseph Stalin, George Bush, Barack Obama(trained by ex jesuit), and many others), then that means that the Jesuits control virtually all of society. The Jesuits swear allegiance to the pope, and therefor the Vatican has controll of virtually all aspect of society. I know this is a little bit hard to believe, therefor, research these claims and come to know the truth.
    Today, the RCC is very close to taking full control of the whole world, it is only a matter of time and the right curcomstances, and the world will freely give all the power to the pope. This has been, and will always be the goal of the Vatican, to gain full controll of the whole world. Research the claims that I made and come to know the truth.

  3. Research the History of this Order, and ask yourself Why almost ALL the Big  " Trutherchannels "seem to have a Code of Silence about this Order. Also they dont mention that the Inner Circle is made up of Member of Vatican Knighthoods ( Knight of Malta, knights of st Gregory, Knights of Columbus etc etc ).And the Bilderberg Group was founded by Jesuit Joseph Retinger. Even Adam Weisshaupt  (founder of the illuminati ) was a Jesuit Proffesor. The Mystery Babylon Religions have been led by the Vatican for 1500 Years.DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ( Bill Cooper is Still a Great Source ), God Bless

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