The Devil and Father Amorth

Over 40 years after the release of “The Exorcist,” director William Friedkin meets the Vatican’s “Dean of Exorcists,” Father Gabriele Amorth, and receives permission to film his ninth attempt to exorcise one woman.


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  1. A documentary on a fictional subject, like doing a documentary on the real Harry Potter, and his magic twig he found in his parents backyard, if you believe this story to be true, where do you think you went wrong in life, was it one sunny day when you got to a street corner and decided to go left instead of going right?

    Lol wow hahahaha typical,this was so fake, the priest should be arrested for fraud, like all of them, this woman should be arrested too, bad fucking acting, and lol what they tried to do with the sound, trying to make her voice change, but if you listen they fucked up a couple times cuz you could hear the same change in the priests voice as well, and I thought possessed people we're strong, like they had supernatural strength, well none of that was going on either, pathetic and a waste of money, only $3.99 but it's the principle of the thing, I thought religious people we're supposed to be honest, guess not, not only are they dishonest, they're also stupid for believing this garbage.

  2. How do you speak languages that you never studied? Why didn't he ask or answer that obvious question? But, I thought the Jewish surgeon in Israel said it best – we just don't have all the "knowledge The Catholics are obviously biased – heck they moved those stairs to Rome – bad move after Martin Luther as it turned out. I have seen the "supernatural" once 47 years ago. Once. I'm 61 and that's why I rented this. I lived in Georgetown too. But the real case was Mount Airy, MD.

  3. I have read several books of Father Armorth and it's sad for me to Know he is gone. I know the devil hated him because he save many souls from the him, unfortunately evil is what is most in the world that's why movies like this one we don't see much..
    For those that believe no explanation is needed, and for those that don't believe explanation is impossible.

  4. Probably one of the worst made documentaries I've seen. Honestly, cringy editing, terrible interviewing skills, and it feels like the suspenseful music is just randomly thrown in. At one part they are showing a 3d image of a human brain and in the background is this super loud intense horror film soundtrack.. it makes no sense. Please save your money.

  5. Good documentary. Not surprising it got bad reviews because the evil one controls the main stream media & doesn't want people to see it. I've researched Fr. Amorth for years, he's legit, so is Fr. Bill Casey. Fr. Fortes & Former Fr. Malachi Martin..& many more!

  6. See youtube lectures by Father Fr Peter Glas exorcist of England .. sad but very enlightening. seem to me as neuro diagnostic technology improves it becomes clear that these aflictions are not result of simple neuropathology … there will be more and more referals to exorcisms…and church is falling behnind in training priests for this ministry to keep up with demand..but at least she is starting to get aware that there is a problem

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