This is a fascinating and altogether factual documentary about the Jesuits. You will discover their dark history, their deceitful acts, their murderous deeds, and their undying passion for power and global control. The influence of the Jesuit order within the world today cannot be underestimated.
Their goal is to infiltrate every echelon of society (both religious and secular) so that they can turn these institutions back to Rome. This Jesuit goal is significant in light of Bible prophecy that shows the Roman Catholic Church in control of the One World Government established during the tribulation period. Please read Revelation 13 and 17 for details of this global system of control.
Video by James Arrabito
Start research here, see, where it takes you…
“The Secret History of the Jesuits”
by Edmond Paris
downloadlink here:
In German – Deutsch – hier der Link
“Vatican assassins, wounded in the house of my friends”
by Eric Jon Phelps
downloadlink here:
The Black Pope:
Any body that wants more proof that the Jesuits
founded America should read RULERS OF EVIL by Tupper Saussy
Downloadlink here:
The history of the Knights Templars : the temple church, and the temple (1842)
Downloadlink here:
Reverse engineering of JFK assassination Plan Featuring The Killer Queen PDF download:
William Milton Cooper ‘Behold a pale horse’, download link here:
HOTT Bill Cooper all audio files mp3:

Complete Cooper MP3 Collection

and many other, hard to get or forbidden books on that subject.
also look at:

go to these websites for revelation on the power of the black pope
“50 Years in The Church of Rome” By Charles Chiniquy.
“The Vatican Billions” ;”The Vatican’s Holocaust” “Viet Nam, Why did we go?”
“The Vatican in World Politics” all by Avro Manhattan;
“The Secret Terrorists” by Bill Hughes
downloadlink here:
Quotations jesuit order:
The Vatican’s Role In The New World Order! Bill Hughes

A Woman Rides the Beast – official version from The Berean Call

A Lamp in the Dark- The Untold History of the Bible
A Lamp In The Dark 2


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  1. Ich denke das geht jedem vernünftigen Menschen so, wenn er ihre Geschichte kennt. Und da Luther an der Wurzel der Reformation stand, sind sie auf die Deutschen auch nicht gut zu sprechen. Nur mit Haß erreichen wir ja auch nichts. Aber gerichtet werden sie, das gibt mir doch Genugtuung.

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