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  1. I am honestly disgusted that the world could be so evil. This wonderful man is helping save us from the Lake of Fire and I- well, all of us- are lucky to have discovered his videos. I, however, will not worry about Satan and his followers because we all know he will perish along with others in later life.

  2. I am not a Catholic and I do believe that Catholicism is an evil perversion of Christianity … but this is nonsense…. they are saying what Paul said about women who have been widowed…basically that she is free to remarry but it is better if she didn't.

  3. listen women will not listen for the most part very few they convinced them that they did better than men that men are dead beats and women are on there high unicorn horse they dont listen to anyone but the tv talk shows news there lost that dont want truth

  4. This has been proved over and over again to be a hoax written by a renegade priest. For those who promote the idea of "Jesuit vow" of obedience to the Pope Any member of a religious order who is raised to the episcopal dignity (made a bishop) automatically is removed from the vows previously taken so the individual has the independence to act freely as a bishop. Feel free to educate yourselves the conclusions jumped to in these replies are ludicrous.

  5. Judge not as you too will be judged saith the protestants who mock and sneer at the mother of Our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST…. Woe to you evildoers when you face your final judgement.. You were once followers of what JESUS COMMANDED.. now you crucify him again with over 50,000 denominations of herectics who believe in baby murder in the womb..sodomite marriage..sodomy.. women priests..JESUS apointed men to be his apostles by the way… Ye follow the heretic satanist henry viii..who murdered his wives..thats who founded you,re false religion… divorce..another teaching ye decided to abondon..
    or is it luther ye follow.. Whose own father says he was possesed by the devil… Woe to ye heretics… blasphemers…that the Lord go kindly on ye with his mercy and lead ye back to the TRUTH of what he preached before he died for our sins.

  6. I just ran across this video again. Since the first time, I have run across the "Extreme Oath of the Jesuits" online and printed out a copy to look at and share. It is some of the most EVIL shit I`ve ever read. The Jesuits swear in their leaders by that oath. Think the radical Muslims are bad?

  7. My only Father is my Father in heaven through Jesus Christ His Son and my Lord and Savior. The Pope is the Father of Satan! And I will NOT serve! I do not eat Jesus Christ. Jesus shed blood on the cross is His final atonement. Jesus on the cross said "It is finished! We do not need a daily ritual of sacrifice as the lamb of god was sacrificed once and for all on the cross!

  8. The Catholic Church isn't satanic,as the Presbyterians are not satanic or the baptists or the Methodists! Or any other Christian denomination! Now if you are talking about the shepherds, the priests, pastors, reverends and teachers that is a different kettle of fish! If you love Jesus, and you love your neighbour there is a place in heaven for you guaranteed!

  9. one doesn't have to read that book to KNOW that church is evil …what those men did for YEARS to this whole world in the past to FORCE people into their lie ….and all the little children who have been raped and made pregnant by those evil men ….this is why they went to boys ….and the nuns who gave birth to those evil mens babys and they killed them and hid them ….very evil CULT is the catholic church and GOD will take care of them all

  10. The protestant crowd is always ready to swallow any kind of anti-catholic balloney. It's disgusting to see their hatred against the Church from whom they received the Christian faith… The judgment of God is upon those who spread those incredible lies.

  11. I had opus dei friends. I used to be close to their centres. Note I was a Catholic but I had been a Jehovah's witness.
    One day, I noticed that thier publications had similar subliminal look as Mormon and Jehovah's witnesses publications.
    I began to withdraw and also for the fact that Opus dei don't marry.

  12. People, please don't bundle the Christians with Catholic Christians. Hope the Catholic members will soon see that their Church doesn't have their salvation at best interest to teach them the way of the Word of God, The real savior of their souls. Come out of her, sweet people, Jesus want you to only worship him, you will find true safety!

  13. I am an Atheist, but my avice to Christians, if they choose to continue with their faith, is to cut ties with religious organizations. Jesus Christ never called for any massive organization to be formed based on his teachings. Religion has always been used as a means for control, since the dawn of civilization.
    Wake up people.

  14. Jesus said…"My Kingdom is not of this world". Rome's empire is very much of this world. Jesus said…"What relation has God and Mammon"? To put it bluntly…what relation has the Roman Catholic Church or it's "offshoots" from true spirituality…which can only be found within each one's heart!

  15. I am greek orthodox and we have confession and the spiritual father is there to guide us to be better christians and the spiritual confessor reads a pray asking Christ to forgive our sins. Our spiritiual father is guided by the Holy Spirit but he wouldnt dicate our life or ask for money for the church. I think this is abit overboard what they are requesting…..geez

  16. God bless you. Let me be clear, the roman catholic church rules intimidation. They always have done so. AVOID THE CHURCH OF ROME !!! The pope/beast will order everyone to worship on sunday.

    Peace be with you and God bless you please God. Amen

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