The FBI IS a Secret Society | A Subsidiary of Freemasonry, a Jesuit Order Propaganda Club


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  1. JESUIT controlled everything including the mass media and the Whitehouse. I see the recent conflict between JESUIT vs F.B.I . How can the main mass media talk about secret society while they are controlled by JESUIT , secret society?

  2. ok so i randomly stumbled in here and its the first time ive ever heard of gematria. it just blew my mind, honestly. its a bit hard to wrap my head around completely but its interesting as fuck. im intrigued and subscribing to your channel. thanks for making vid man

  3. Why did you use the "English original" to get your number for the first word.. Then for the phrase you used the "reverse".. 😂 this is why you gematria guys can't be trusted you just pick and choose whatever numbers fit your agenda.. And you will come up with one set of numbers then someone like Zach Hubbard comes up with a totally different set of numbers and words.. 😂 HAHahah.. Gematria is a joke but have fun dude!

  4. Once You grasp that it's NOT YOUR federal government – it is a corporation owned by the psychopaths in control – but They feed You the ILLUSION that it's Yours and You have a choice, many things make more sense. My suggestion is that We cease consenting to be ruled by a corporation, the ONLY obligation that it has is to make a profit for the investors, and choose a better foundation for society to emerge from. Please see the playlist on My channel for a better foundation – it's less than 1 hour's worth of vids.

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