While math may be a useful tool for recording empirical observation, it seems, by stark contrast, many have given over to the new-age “priests and scribes” calling themselves “scientists,” who have vigorously pushed the NWO-religion called pseudo “science.” However, “number THEORY,” when reasonably determined by way of its most plausible and obvious use and intent, as it is meant to be conservatively interpreted to the end that human experience NOT be found the slave to numeric equation, can and should, in this case, NOT replace that which is perceived via the six senses, and is hereby and herewith construed and declared merely representative of such human experience, forthwith calling upon all enlightened “warriors” to continue peacefully denouncing and condemning such aforementioned skulduggery, lest we allow our nation of people, and, indeed, the entire “whirled,” to slump into a dark age of emotionless, robotic drones, rendered categorically void of any and all human perception and feeling (hmm… perhaps that was precisely the Jesuit/Zionist goal).

In order to buttress this most-important point, I herewith present these quotes from one of the most brilliant beings to have ever walked the face of this flat-and-motionless earth, i.e., Nikola Tesla, wherein Tesla rightly proclaims —

“Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.” — Nikola Tesla, Modern Mechanics and Inventions, July, 1934, US (Serbian-born) electrical inventor (1857 – 1943).

“Earth is a realm, it is not a planet. It is not an object, therefore, it has no edge. Earth would be more easily defined as a system environment. Earth is also a machine, it is a Tesla coil. The sun and moon are powered wirelessly with the electromagnetic field (the Aether). This field also suspends the celestial spheres with elector-magnetic levitation. Electromagnetic levitation disproves gravity because the only force you need to counter is the electromagnetic force, not gravity. The stars are attached to the firmament.” — Nikola Tesla

*Einstein was once asked how it felt to be the smartest man alive. Einstein’s earnest reply was — “I don’t know, you’ll have to ask Nikola Tesla.”

*Here is precisely what Newton himself thought of his magical-and-all-powerful-but-unproven “farce” called “GRAVITY” — There is no immediate prospect of identifying the mediator of gravity. Attempts by physicists to identify the relationship between the gravitational force and other known fundamental forces are not yet resolved. Newton himself felt that the concept of an inexplicable action at a distance was “UNSATISFACTORY,” but that there was nothing more he could do at the time. Newton’s “THEORY” of gravitation requires that the gravitational force be transmitted instantaneously. He [Newton] was deeply uncomfortable with the notion of “action at a distance” that his equations implied. In 1692, in his third letter to Bentley, he wrote: “That one body may act upon another at a distance through a vacuum without the mediation of anything else, by and through which their action and force may be conveyed from one another, is to me so great an absurdity that, I believe, no man who has in philosophic matters a competent faculty of thinking could ever fall into it.” *Note: That’s Newton expressing his doubts to the Jesuits that educated people of that time would fall for their spinning-ball hoax. He [Newton] never, in his words, “assigned the cause of this [gravitational] power”. In all other cases, he used the phenomenon of motion to explain the origin of various forces acting on bodies, but in the case of gravity, he was “UNABLE TO EXPERIMENTALLY IDENTIFY” the motion that produces the force of gravity. Moreover, he refused to even offer a hypothesis as to the cause of this force on grounds that to do so was contrary to sound science. He [Newton] lamented that “philosophers have hitherto attempted the search of nature in vain” for the source of the gravitational force, as he was convinced “by many reasons” that there were “causes hitherto unknown” that were fundamental to all the “phenomena of nature”. These fundamental phenomena are still under investigation and, though hypotheses abound, the definitive answer has yet to be found. And in Newton’s 1713 General Scholium in the second edition of Principia — “I have not yet been able to discover the cause of these properties of gravity from phenomena and I feign no hypotheses… ”

*Interestingly enough, both Newton and Einstein were — 1. working with/for the Jesuits; 2. accused of plagiarism; 3. only able to offer “THEORIES;” and, 4. engaged in pseudo “science.”

*For more information — http://www.theprinciplemovie.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Albert-Einstein-The-Earth-Mover.pdf


39 Replies to “The Flat Earth vs. Neil Tyson – Do You Buy His Lies?”

  1. *Note to all flat-earthers — Re: Unsolicited Assault Against The Flat-Earth Community — Erik Nystrom, Iron_A Bartley, and all the other Sodomite-loving little monkey-men who skulk around YouTube trolling the flat-earth comment pages have most-obviously failed to consider just precisely WHO "educated" them, and to what end, so they puff their chests out like the "proud parrots" they are, and go round acting as though they possess "REAL KNOWLEDGE"… so that when we, the good people of the flat-earth community begin questioning among ourselves these various asinine "THEORIES" in which THEY simply BELIEVE, just remember that their fever-pitched retorts are solely based upon absolutely NOTHING MORE than their "rote memorization" of the "Helios" (their sun-god) sun-cult inspired indoctrination into that which the Vatican/Jesuit/free-masonic/Zionist/NASA/NWO-Luciferian doctrine has achieved via its Pavlovian-induced manipulation of the servomechanism that controls this legion of seriously-unconscious drones, and which in turn causes said drones to reflexively regurgitate their sun-cult-indoctrinated responses in defense of such "heliocentric" absurdities, e.g. — "there's this magical-and-all-powerful-but-unproven "farce" called "GRAVITY," that is sooooooooo strong that it holds all the "whirled's" oceans to the exterior of a 1,000-mph spinning ball, but yet weak enough to allow butterflies to effortlessly flutter about with the utmost of ease!" — while they and all the other weak-minded NWO minions automatically and immediately fall into the servile ranks of oppressors (i.e., absolutely NO ONE has invited nor wants them here), by way of inflicting upon the rest of us their futile efforts at desperately and viciously defending their frail egos, and are thereby irrationally compelled by their psychotic attempts at silencing and suppressing anyone and everyone around them who has broken free from such mental slavery, because they have LITERALLY hung the sun, moon and stars, not to mention their "all-important" REPUTATIONS, on such absolutely-ridiculous absurdities… so, ladies and gentlemen, if you don't mind me saying — WHAT A BUNCH OF MORONIC LOSERS THEY ARE! Therefore, my humble advice to all you good, loving-and-generous men, women and children of the flat-earth community is — for the sake of all concerned, please, become VERY selective to whom you respond, thereby saving your pearls of wisdom for those who are most deserving, while at the same time discouraging the aforementioned blight that has come upon us! Sincerely, your friend and neighbor ~ Chas.

    P.S. — The above scenario can best be illustrated by the enlightened Chinese Zen master — Lao Tzu, who wrote (in his book "The Secret Of The Golden Flower") before he died —

    "There are four kinds of people — (1) those who know, but don't know that they know… awaken them (that WAS us, and we HAVE awakened); (2) those who don't know, and know that they don't know… teach them; (3) those who know, and know that they know… follow them; and, (4) those who don't know, but don't know that they don't know… avoid them (we know who they are)." — Lao Tzu

  2. It's the end for the globalist mind control grid and their rather odd math.
    Greek logic is no logic. it gets you an eye for an eye and leaves all blind. it smells of celt.
    Snakes and fakes built this place and they're murdering us all slowly and with stealth.
    They don't care about a sad story, they are the death cult, they have no empathy nor mercy and they won't stop.

  3. I've been sayin this shit for 2 years. 99% of communication done by undersea cables I thought it was 95 but close enough but we have 20,000 satellites and google launched project loon. And you thought your gps and tv was coming from satellites. Are we waking up to the 19 billion dollar military liars called NASA yet?

  4. If it was just about evaluation through logic & common sense there would be little to no problem or confrontation(Or "divide & conquer" factional segregation). Unfortunately It's tweaking with the shape of people's(presumed) reality and the very nature of their core(And eternal vs non-existent) soul.

    Let's face It, No one, but No One is eager to admit the line we all draw between truth & lies, reality & illusion, good & evil, is NEVER actually where we want or like or presume It should be, that place that makes our journey through life comfortable & acceptable & least stressful… So, emotion prevails over reason and our propensity for self delusion becomes unconscionable…. aaaand…. Welcome to NOW.!!

    Peace & God bless(wi' TEETH!..)

    PS: To the private selective homo-erotic fawning twofold member "mutual appreciation society" of "Ant honey Cum in a kneeling de gross Eyesore"… "Get a feckin' room!!.."

  5. Also two things. A) I have flown in Both directions around the earth. There is definitely no icewall to stop me getting anywhere in either direction. B) I have been up high enough in an aircraft to have seen myself that the earth is not flat. As have a lot of people. Which makes this even more laughable when you have seen with your own eyes vs those quoting shit they find in the internet. Abraham Lincoln once famously said that all things read on the internet must be true :nods:

  6. i have a question….do you actually believe that there is "an edge"….so it must be very easy to proove your "theory" then…
    it would mean that if you travel from america to asia the direct way (not across europe), your plane would have to pass that edge…or fly over europe wich would take you much longer…wich it doesen't ! it takes me 12h from switzerland to thailand with a plane but only 7 h from australia to thailand with the same company and the same plane…how does that fit in this flat-earth theory??..
    and also…if the math would be wrong and the round earth would be a lie…then our gps systems and everything thats based on this equation would not work the way it does.
    you actually believe that anybody could cover up the fact that theres an edge surrounding us?..where are all the pictures ? millons of ships would have noticed that…
    if you stand on a high enough point…you can even see that the horizon is curved. no matter from where in the world you are watching…
    look i know theres a lot of shady shit going on in this world….but this is just ridiculous…
    also you mentioned that "they" say "we live in a simulation"…if you would have listened then you would know that they were just discussing the possibility of that….and the problem is they can't disproove that theory…thats how sience works…1 guy brings forth a theory….then its up to other "scientists" to test this theory…you could also do that, wich would make you a part of the scientific community. they clearly distinguish theory from fact. if a theory is tested again and again…it will be considered a fact until prooven wrong…so far…nothing has come along to actually disproove a round earth. if you could do that (wich would be very easy to proove) …you would be one of the most famous people living today.

  7. Chas Handler, I would not insult you cause you make claims and assumptions sitting in your room and ignorant of all facts. Here's a simple experiment to prove the incompetence of your mind to acknowledge truth. Would you believe the earth is a sphere if you are taken to the ISS and you check the view yourself?

  8. Oh THANK YOU … THANK YOU … THANK YOU …! The Flat Earthers disappeared for so long I was worried they ceased to exist, but here you are again! YAY!!!
    40 years ago the Flat Earth Society consisted of a 99-year old man, living outside London, who had just a few copies left of a 2-page, badly-printed "booklet" that quoted a few Bible verses … and that was IT! It was SO sad!
    In fact, after the poor old chap died, some jolly University students claimed the name of the organisation and had some fun organising parties and charging money for T-shirts and so on … until they grew up and moved on into actual jobs.
    I suppose you guys are too good to be true, you MUST just be an American version of the British students who had a good laugh and raised some beer money buy selling souvenirs, because it's impossible to believe anyone believes this nonsense!!!
    I could believe you were sincere if you just stuck to Bible verses (bonkers, but sincere), but when you try to come up with some "scientific" arguments, you really demonstrate that this is all a joke to you too, because your "scientific arguments" could only have come from someone who hasn't attended a school after age 10!!!!
    But you SEEM to be doing a good job of persuading SOME people that you're serious … but still, it's impossible to read/watch your Website/Videos without a good belly laugh! It's just SOOOOO funny!
    I especially like that fact that — as usual — you seem particularly keen on fingering "The Blacks" and "The Jews" and "The NWO" and "The Jesuits", just like (Lizard-Boy) David Icke, the Greens, the Neo-Nazis, Evangelicals, Survivalists, Extreme Republicans, etc.
    You just round on the Usual Suspects!
    Incidentally, just in case a FEW people who watch this stuff know a tiny bit of History (with a capital H) …. Jesuits were the LAST people Sir Isaac Newton would have associated with! He was a (secret) Unitarian — totally opposed to anything that smelt even remotely of Catholicism, let alone the Jesuits. Plus, England was still recovering from a terrible Civil War in which the Catholic Church was hated BY BOTH SIDES!
    Also (Newton is a bit of a hero of mine), I don't understand why you think Sir Isaac's regret that he did not understand how the "action at a distance" works invalidates his Laws of Gravity! He certainly didn't think they were invalidated, he just didn't understand HOW the "attractive force" worked, even though he described in perfectly and mathematically. Now, of course, we know that there is NO "attractive force" but that (from Einstein) mass distorts and bends the space around it because "Space" is not simply empty nothingness, but has a very real "structure".
    Anyway, I can't go on or I might start thinking you believe this yourselves! Heeeheeeheee!
    Keep up the Good Work and Keep Us Laughing!

  9. The devil must really be laughing at mankind and for believing this garbage that he's the sea meant so well using his little children is satanic say scientist is God heating reprobate to amazing God sits back and marbles said if you just believe me you know the truth Jesus I am the way the truth and the life but they hated the head except for a few shows and signed sealed saints of God will be with him for all eternity

  10. sometimes, you cant help people, and just need to let them get on with it. no matter how many times you refute evidence and show them observable things they can do to show whey everything in the video is just wrong. i think the person making the video confuses himself over an over proving he knows nothing about the subject.

  11. Thanks for taking me to task about my grammar. I should know any arguments or ideas I put forth are instantly rendered futile by such blatant disregard for the English language. So I'll close by just saying you're a fuckwit and hope I used the correct word.

  12. Chase Handler, are you a friend of Eric Dubay? I have reported him to YouTube for unfair blocking and deleting of comments. (He calls it housekeeping). You wouldn't dream of doing such things, would you? I don't think the report will have any effect, but if you know him, please ask him to unblock me… please! 😇

  13. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahahaahhaahahahhahahaahahhahaahhaahahhahhahahaahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahagahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahhqhahahhahahahhahahahahahahahh

  14. When your traveling at 600 mph in a jet unless there is turbulence you can't feel your motion because you and the jet are at the same speed. So it doesn't matter what speed the earth is traveling you won't feel anything. The reason the military don't build planes that do the same speed as satellites is because they'd burn up. Satellites no air no friction don't have that problem. They do sometimes come down though, like the Russian station Mir which came down in a blazing mess scattering its nuclear fuel over a far chunk of the planet. The man shown jumping from the balloon was achieving the record for the highest parachute jump, it's interesting to note the round earth in the background. Obviously Red Bull must be in on NASA's conspiracy to show the earth as round on the footage. Fuck having the job of climbing that 1500 foot television tower. Obviously the idiot who designed it didn't know the earth was flat or he could have made it a lot smaller. I had to have a satellite internet connection because I used to live in th outback in Australia. It was pretty good and fast too compared to dial up. What pissed me off though was I couldn't play multiplayer games because of the time lag for my signal to bounce off the satellite and back to the ground station. The government paid for the installation and equipment so that was good, guess no one told them the earth was flat either. Personally I couldn't give a rats arse what shape the earth is as long as it supports us. But really people it's fucking round.

  15. oh yeah… i'll assume that i know that i know nothing… or at least try to… in order to even begin to bend my head around this first starts with not letting preconceived postulates to govern my approach…

    heh heh… "what's water," say the young fish to one another… i like that.


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