The Forbidden Knowledge: The Truth about the Illuminati, Religion, and Global Governance

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This is a re-upload of FaceLiketheSun’s “Age of Deceit”
Thanks for all your hard work “Gonz”!
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Looking for a Bible?
The Henry Morris Study Bible (KJV only available in casebound or leather)
This is the Bible that I use personally. It is an Apologetics Bible that covers all aspects of Theology and Hermoneutics. It is the only Bible with notes and commentary that really harmonize some of the deeper things going on in the Word of God. I have a WALL of Bibles including Walter Martins Cult Reference Bible, The Reformation Study Bible, the Scofield Bible, Holman King James Study Bible, and NONE have the accuracy of viewpoint that Henry Morris has. This Bible is my most beloved possession, and it has served me through the most trying times in my life, and under the greatest theological attacks it has been a wonderful guide to the Word of God. It is packed full of tools and resources, and has more actual notes and commentary than any Bible I personally own. Walter Morris stood for the Truth with his hard stance on a young Earth creation, emphasis on scientific apologetics, his angelic interpretation of Genesis 6, and sound exegesis of key doctrinal passages. I challenge anyone to hold Henry Morris to the highest theological scrutiny, and I believe that anyone that does so will find the most Biblical and Holy Spirit guided Bible Apologist in the 20th Century. -chicenBurger

Featuring Douglas Hamp, Rob Skiba, Cris Putnam, and clips from Paul Washer, Russ Dizdar, Chris White and many more.

Topics covered include: Age of deceit 2, Alchemy, Ayahuasca, Antichrist, Ancient History, Artificial Intelligence, Armageddon, Alien Abduction, Bible Prophecy, Bible Study, Book of Revelation, Book of Genesis, Book of Matthew, Cybernetics, Cryonics, Channeling, Chemtrails, Deities, Demiurge, Deceit, Deception, Evidence, Electronics, End Times, False Prophet, False Messiah, Fallen Angels, Fables, Freemasons, Facebook, God, Geoengineering, Gnosticism, Grace, Google, GMO, Hamp, Health, Hitler, Him, Hope, Holy Spirit, Hermes Trismegistus, Information Technology, Image of the Beast, Industry, Intelligence, Illuminati, Alex Jones, Jesus Christ, Kabbalah, Lucifer, Lake of Fire, Money, Monism, Materialism, Martyr, Matrix, Mark of the Beast, Metaphor, Nephilim, New Age, Nanotechnology, Oppression, Omnipresence, Pope, Papacy, Prophecy, Problems, Peril, Revelation, Restoration, Rise of the Beast Image, Risen, Robotics, Repentance, Reveal, Skiba, Satan, Spirituality, Spiritualism, Secret Society, Supernatural, Spirit, Scripture, Technology, Transhumanism, Technocracy, Trust, Thoth, Truth, UFOs, Ufology.


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  1. Be sure to check all your facts before posting. We want truth seeking to be totaed as trialed and tested, irrefutable. For example, David Spangler is not at all anywhere close to a member of the United Nations. And a 'director of planetary Initiative' doesn't exist there.

  2. Well, In the long run.. There is literally nothing we can do. We should all understand, though it is hard to believe. No matter what one individual may theoretically compress into a comment. "We" know the logistics, I won't dare begin announcing opinions. This is Fact. Not looking for an argument, Just dropping a Fact…. But, while I'm here I just want to say. Be smart and Stay awake.

  3. I just had a random thought lol….Lady Gaga sings the song Bad Romance and throughout the entire song sings Ra Ra. I wonder if she is talking about this Ra who this guy is talking about in this video. Also Gaga sings a song about Judas , the entire song is her saying she is in love with Judas. Thought that was interesting.

  4. Ty for your video. The elite say that the world is over populated, but the fact is, the whole world could fit side to side in the state of Delaware. Why population control? A smaller population is easier to control and program to serve the 1 percent . The truth is , they control all the resources of the world and don't want to share the supply anymore. They have enough people to serve them now. Why do you think they are trying to take God out of the USA ??

  5. All who aid the NWO plans will rest in HEAT. Remember, they try to illude us with holograms in the sky. Their holographic science has evolved to near perfection, complete with sound.MANY around the world will be deceived by their sky show. DON'T EVER BELIEVE NASA.

  6. Africans were the first civilization on this earth in Egypt Africa. Where they stole the Africans Spirit and made the Spirit their God. The father, Son, Jesus Christ, Grace and the Holy Spirit. The bible is anti Christ! The Spirit is good all the time, all the time good is the Spirit. "In our Spirit Name Amen"
    Thank you Trump, because if you're not elected, I wouldn't have seen this warning.

  7. The whole human race has been deceived,and being taken over by demons.The disembodied spirits of the giants.The children of Fallen angels and human women.Killed in the flood of Noah.Their flesh body was killed.Their spirits need a body to inhabit.Our sins and those of our ancestors give them legal right to inhabit us.Many of our ancestors were Freemason`s.Taking blood oaths to false gods,worshipping false gods,bringing a curse from God,big G.down on their family line,and also giving demons legal right,to their descendants.Every disorder is a demon spirit.Demons can make you believe things that are not true.Control your thoughts and actions.Read the book of Enoch,if you have not.See the video Routing Demons by John Echardt.See the video deliverance from autism by Brother Carlos.Both on youtube.Read the book of Acts,king james bible.Audio version on youtube.Many need deliverance,and the church was to continue this.It has not.Satan controls the church,all religions,education,healthcare,most drs are witches and warlocks.Most clergy are too,and their are many on every aspect of society.

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