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  1. Jesuits have crypto-Marrano roots. The kike-Jews knew that the greatest obstacle standing in their way of world domination has always been white, Christian Europe, but they'd never be able to conquer it from without. Que the Jesuits who confected this BS called Judeo-Christianity, synthesizing these two very antithetical ideologies in a single apostasy.

    After this happened, the Jews were able to establish themselves within this pseudo-Christian context as the chosen people, and you see the consequences today. A bunch of Jew Christians (the sword-and-Bible OT Christians) worshiping the Synagogue of Satan, the transformation of Christ's spiritual doctrine into a parody of true mysticism, and the church becoming a humanistic body with their Jesus set to return to establish his fleshly kingdom here on Earth.

  2. nuclear weapons do not exist…
    Earth is not a ball, The Earth is flat.
    Illuminati is the reality of the world.
    Many top politicians in almost all nations
    earn this elite.
    NWO is the goal.
    The false Jews stand behind everything

  3. If you are interested in TRUTH then you will want to read this book. It exposes paganism in Christianity. You will be so shocked. It is back by historical evidence that you cannot ague with and also backed by Scripture. We have been lied to all our lives and if you are seeking Truth then this book is for you. Visit the website in my user name.

  4. Listened to these guys several times. There is one thought they didn’t even present to listeners. There has always been a war between Christ’s followers and Jews. It has always been jews setting out to destroy these followers and the church of Christ. Evangelicals are Zionist soldiers for Jewish zionism. To make this perfectly clear there is one source that displays this absolutely. It is sacred and contained in volumes recorded after oral ascendancy from the times of Moses. However, the time of Christ is central to content of this source and to understanding why this conspiracy is ongoing exempt from Jesuits. Jesuits were late comers and founded by converso’s (Jews to Christians converts). Staying focused it is necessary to reveal to the ignorant the “Talmudic”or rabbinical works that spew hatred racism and world domination over animals in human form (gentle) but specifically the condemnation of Christ to boil in excrement and death to Christians. All troubles for non Jews lead back to these repressed Judaic works.

  5. Michael is rude, sounds like he has a serious inferiority complex and a serious deficit in Historical knowledge of anything beyond 150 years ago, and therefore does not realize how that affects today.. He acts like a fool, incapable to agree with anything phelps says. not the quality of a intellectual.

  6. Both of those symbols are related because they both refer to the illuminati. Freemasonry was given to the white man by the Jews as a road that will allow them to be accepted by the Jews during their crusade to conquer the world. The Jesuits are really Jews and the CIA are really Freemasons. The Freemasons were given a road to understand the Kabbalah, which is central to the satanic Jewish belief. These Jews are the real satanists – not the punk teenagers but the people who know God and know Satan, and chose Satan over God. They are the true heathen.

  7. The satanic Jesuits are from hell!!! They rule the world for Satan from the Vatican! The Best source of Information is the Bible!!! Rev. 17:5 where God calls her: "THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH." He that hath eaars to hear,let him hear. Wake up people!!! The only hope is Jesus Christ. (John 14:6;Acts 4:12.) There is no salvation in the Roman Catholic Institution.If you die Catholic you are lost for ever!!! Purgatory is Hell!!! The Rosary is an abomination to God!

  8. Those inclined to this thread should review Abraham Lincolns letters relative to Samuel Morse. Lincoln fingers the Jesuits as the perpetrators of the war between the states. He thought he had defeated the beast of the bible with its multiple crowns. Just before he was taken out by Jesuit MI 6.

  9. What do Jews know that Christians do not? That Caesar commissioned two testaments for Roman servants. One subjected Roman cattle to witnessing priests drinking the blood and eating the flesh of the troublemaker on the Roman cross. A grim reminder to both class of Roman servant. That the New Testament is a Roman hoax to sheer Caesar's sheep. And also that all Jewish writing prior to the Roman Pentateuch were burned or buried by Romans. All lies lead to Rome. There are many costumes in their closet. Divide and conquer is their secret to power. The Talmud was commissioned by Pope Boniface Medici. The Catholics have never renounced the right of Papal vicegerent of soul dispensation. One ring to rule them all.

  10. It is actually a myth that Hitler was fond of the Jesuits. The NSDAP stomped on Jesuits with a passion, considering the same as Jews as that is what they are. The Jesuits infiltrated the Catholic church and turned it into a liberal trash fest. The British Military Intelligence have produced many such works of propaganda defaming Hitler, saying he was "an agent of the Jesuits", "servant to the pope". You can look at the letters of Catholic priests or members of the Catholic church in Germany and they debunk the lie that Hitler was put into power by the Jesuit order.


  12. Ignatius Loyola himself was a crypto-Jew of the Occult Kabbalah. A crypto-Jew is a Jew who converts to another religion and outwardly embraces the new religion, while secretly maintaining Jewish practices. All false religion comes from the Babylonian Talmud, Yes Catholicism is just a extension of the Babylonia Talmud. The pope go's to the wall just like the leaders. The pope is the high priest of the Babylonian Talmud. That is why he go's to the wall and he wears the beanie Yes it is the Jesuits, but they are just practicing the Babylonian Judaism. There is nothing new under the sun. Yes the Jesuits are in the middle of this, but you can't have tunnel vision when looking at Babylon. Rome is just extension of Babylon and where did it come from????? Babylon was here before Rome. Conclusion: The Jesuits(Jewsuits) are JUST secretly maintaining Jewish practices. Pssst the pope is a Jewish High priest. We don't have to be rocket scientist to figure this out. There are two camps: One that believes the Jews control and one that says that the Jesuits control. The Answer: The Jew, Mason and Jesuit are both implementing a New World Order. They are both practicing Babylonia Talmud and the Kabbala. If you want to hide a tree, hide it in the forest. If you want to hide the Kabbalah, plant it in Catholicism. If you want to hide "Jesuit Ignatius Loyola Spiritual Exercises"(Kabbalah) plant it in Roman Catholicism

  13. In the days of Jesus (if he was ever physical exited), The Roman ruled over the Hebrews/Jews and it remain so until this day. Eric did a good job quoting the Bible, Jerusalem do not fit the description of the city of seven hills: that great economic hub made by nations of multiple tongues is definitely the EU/Rome.

  14. I disagree, The Vatican isn't against Islam, because they INVENTED it. They wanted to bring the arab peoples under the control of priests that were monotheistic. Baby steps, plus, Satan, embraces Islam because its another counterfeit religion just like Catholicism, Satan will use any and all enemies of REAL Christianity to destroy it. Look at how the Pope now backs the bringing in of all the Muslims into Europe. The wars against Islam were only to serve the purpose of Displacing them, and making them hate CHristianity.

  15. "When the United States rules the world the Catholic church will rule the world." – Archbishop Quigley
    Chicago Tribune May 5, 1903

    Chicaco Daily Tribune Tuesday, May 5, 1903
    Article name: Quigley-as-an-optimist
    Archbishop Declares He Has Been Deeply Impressed by the Progressive Spirit of the West – Forecasts the Time When the Religion "Catholicism" He represents Will Lead the World…
    America to rule the World…
    When the United States rules the world the Catholic church will rule the world…
    Nothing can stand against the church….

    Seems like one need a membership to see the information now – but I could access it around a year ago:

  16. It's funny to me how no one sees, you have eyes but don't see. They are opposite sides of the same coin, the only difference is the Zionist don't realize they are working right into jesuit hands and doing exactly what they want then to do. The Jesuits are the true enemy. The Catholic church is the most evil organization ever established on this earth. They are in no way Christian and I'm not sorry if it hurts any Catholics feelings at me saying that. Is time to call a spade a spade. The Jesuits are in power and no amount of talking can change that.

  17. Satanism= Catholicism+ Judaism+ Islam+ Freemasonry+ Zionism+ Hinduism+ Buddhism+ Mormonism+, Shintuism+ Atheism+ Darwinism+ many thousands of other pagan cults. The Serpant of Old is the God of this world, and he and his minions accept worship in many forms. Jesus said that very few people will make it to Heaven. This world is not salvageable. This creation will be burned down to its roots and will be replaced by a new and better one. Keep your focus on Jesus and his Gospel, and share the Good News with others.

  18. I think your debate is somewhat moot, IN reality the general picture is that the Zionists and the Jesuits work together, The Jewish bankers and the Vatican have run a dog and pony show together for a thousand years. The Juden Court, or royal Juden, the Vatican created a monopoly on usery throughout the dark ages by outlawing it for Christians and then hiring Jews to do it for the vatican. They made these Jews Dukes and gave them privilege so they could travel, unlike other jews, and kept this racket up for hundreds of years. The Rothschilds rose to the top of these banker families and came to run the vatican bank , The Jesuits were first to create the idea of taking over the world, or killing off real Christians and consolidating the world for the Pope, but they used the Zionists as their financial agents in this quest. The thing that you have to consider is that the Zionist Jew bankers, are not real jews, they come from the Kazarian Empire where the people were converted to Judaism but the royal families continued to practice Satanism, Babylonian paganism, in secret. And the Vatican has always been a front for Satanism, the great counterfeit. So at their heart the Jesuits and the Zionist have something in common, they both serve and worship Satan. Collins is wrong, The Vatican is still very wealthy, they have tons of wealth from the Roman empire, the Rothschilds started as an agent of the Vatican, Jesuits, but have grown so wealthy that they have created their own political empire and desires to rule the world. BUT the Jesuits are still in the game and working with the Rothschilds. So basically what your arguing about is weather the Rothschilds are in charge and the top stone, or the Jesuits are in charge? Who cares, They both work together and who is taking orders from who is irrelevant, I'm sure they are both jockeying for advantage over each other all the time.

  19. Two sides of the same coin; many Ashkenazi Jews feigned conversion to the Jesuits; they're known as Crypto-Jews. Besides Zionism is very much both a Jewish and a Jesuit project. But the Jews, of course, control the purse strings…

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