The Head Of The ‘Jesuits’ Says The Devil Doesn’t Exist


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  1. I loving being Catholic and will always practice my Catholic faith and continue to go to Mass, but we need another Pope like Pope John Paul the 2nd the true Catholic Church needs to comeback the church doesn't need A Jesuit telling us satan is fake because satan is real he is trying to lead the whole world to hell. We need to start bringing the true Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world we need A true Pope like John Paul the 2nd. God bless and God Bless the Holy Catholic Church

  2. Thank you MHFM for exposing these monstrous and abominable advocates of the Devil. There is no difference in the level of HATRED against Almighty God by the anti pope Francis and the head of the Jesuits. They are one! Their mission on earth is to drag to everlasting perdition (HELL) with them the many deceived souls remaining in the false Catholic Church – the Vatican 2 church. Let the powerful recitation of the divine and sacred mysteries of the most holy rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary by members of the true faith, the remnant few of the Traditional Catholic Church save them. Saint Michael defend us on the day of battle.

  3. It is scary to see the complete apostasy of these obstinate heretics. Amazing how the followers of this evil sect are not concerned with this incredible and stubborn denial of dogma. Impossible to say that this sect is the Catholic Church. To say this is to say that the gates of hell prevailed [which is impossible].

  4. I want to become Catholic…I want one strong church but how can I join when the leader of Jesuits makes heretical claims. Satan does exist and he has legions of demons. I must join a church but I do not know what to do.

  5. The Vatican gang, being ashamed of the Catholic faith, desires to join the world and academia and attempts to find common ground with their philosophy of materialism. The loss of faith through modernism starts out small like doubting there is actually an Adam and Eve, then Noah’s flood, the ark and so on.
    When a Catholic doubts the book of Genesis as an accurate historical document they have lost the faith, period. These fake Jesuits by claiming the Devil is a metaphor are in fact denying the book of Genesis as 100% accurate. The lineage of Jesus depends on Genesis’s record of the patriarchs to be accurate. These fake Jesuits are dissolving Jesus, they are anti-Christ.

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