The Hidden History of Humanity

The Hidden History of Humanity!
Feature length Documentary.

Based upon the Secret Doctrine, this documentary focuses on the evolution of consciousness over millions of years while revealing the secret chronology of human history from ancient Lemuria and Atlantis to our current root race, while following the natural cyclic deluges between races.

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Video: Hidden History of Humanity


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  1. This is the unified theory of religious mysticism. It was this very study that led me on my journey to truth thirty years ago. If the his(tory) handed down by the west was true then its impossible for the ancient societies around the world to all have essentially the same origin stories…. powerful beings come down from the sky (before the first flying machines of the 18-1900's..???…. these stories are hundreds and thousands of years old.) So after years of listening to cultures and civilizations tell their own story w/o occidental editing I've developed a very different take on humanity and history. Of course at the end of connecting dots what people want to gno is why….?

  2. I am Vinz Klortho, Keymaster of Gozor the Traveler. He will come in one of the pre-chosen forms. During the rectification of the Vuldrini, the traveler came as a large and moving Torg! Then, during the third reconciliation of the last of the McKetrick supplicants, they chose a new form for him: that of a giant Slor! Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day, I can tell you! WAIT FOR THE SIGN! THEN ALL PRISONERS WILL BE RELEASED! ALL WILL PERISH IN FLAMES!

    See, I can spout senseless blather too.

  3. No mention of Africa as the repository of Atlantean knowleadge and subsequent source of its reseeding to other parts of the world. Only credit to Indian prehistory that is truly well preserved knowledge handed down through Africa from Atlantean remnants. The authors have not meditated on this in any meaningful way or investigated the Akashic or Kemetic mystery schools or the Ifa storehouse of knowledge. Somehow they always try to skew all accounts in such a way as to marginalise Africa or African peoples and their descendants' contributions.

  4. Arab=semite? LOLOLOLOL…..
    Who wrote the Bible? Was it white people? It wasn't… Was it Persian folks? No it wasn't… Was it Africans? No, no, no… It wasn't… Who was it then? Negroes…. Those driven from the land of God. Those who whites call niggers. Those who were scattered across the globe to new land like Aztureth/America Lol… It's is Negroes who are Semitic, not Arabs.
    So… How is it that white people get to revise the Bible to fit their needs? They don't. I can't even watch this shit because people refuse to get their facts straight. I can't even enjoy this shit because white people continue to script themselves into being more important than they were in ancient times… Much of the white man's history are lies based on true historical actualities of Negroes/Semites and Hamites/Africans…. A mix of Semitic and Hametic peoples. Egyptians were originally Hametic people's.
    One day during our journey through the constellation of Aquarius these truths will be revealed…

  5. Philip Lindsay can we get some sources cited? I'd like to see some notes or research. Surely you didn't just come up with this out of the blue? Or steal it from another tin foil hat wack job? Any evidence to back this up? No? Nothing. Thats too bad. You could have done a better job of faking it if you weren't a crack pot pathological liar.

  6. First of all do we even have the same unified definition for the word race. And you're making it a compound word calling it a root race. Seems like invade b***** to me like where's the proof for all of this and I thought we were all one people human race. That's the problem with people lying all the time nobody knows when to believe you. It's like first race is a social construct. Then you say we're all the same we all bleed red. And then you learn about melanin and silicon-based DNA. And you realize that we're not all the same we don't even have the same hair follicles. Europeans got Neanderthal DNA Asiatic have denisovan DNA, I mean as far as I'm concerned the natives over in America evolve separately then the people coming from Asia. It's even possible that the same process that made the Asiatic in Asia. Possibly made the Native Americans in America same process much smaller scale.

  7. Because god is made through belief by man as part of mans own pure potentiality, every argument available to proove or disproove god are both purely possible. But belief has an advantage to proove god exists, although projecting Source externally takes away belief in the Self and the Selfs own pure potentiality. So faith groups need each other and cant stand individually on their own as well as one who believes in self. And because they project source outside of self subject themselves to greater subjectivities, hence need salvation and sometimes a savior. Because of the numbers utilizing their own inner pure potentiality and belief this theoretical god cant be prooven nor disprooven. Believers in some god although subject themselves by choice and must learn how to use their energy so as not to mislead children and others into believing not in themselves and decieve these into loosing the true source within. And will subject themselves to chaos like jihad and illusions for intentionally playing with those minds mislead by the power of belief which ought to be held for the self. Belief in the Self the one true belief and necessity for Self Realization…and enlightenment. Theres the path of salvation and the path of enlightenment. The two be different and thus require choice of ones own will to decide. The path of salvation seems to always need a savior while the path of enlightenment needs only the truth of right knowing the self and right knowledge. Truth of knowledge and knowledge of truth within to be awakened in the self. Why, because the selfs own pure potentiality being located in the substrate of awareness itself. This location makes belief in self necessary. Although god is allness or love itself which created me/you/we like itself…god is not an anthropormorphic quality while god is The Self in all of us hence your source energy itself in a larger energy field like one being the universe getting to know itself. Causality never exists in reality itself as all is only an effect of innumerable external effects. Hence none have created the Self

  8. This video is full of shit it tells us we are not in the rite globe setting are you fkn stupid wtf u talking about people removed all vails and are waking up rite now and they will also tell you there are forces if humans and demons working against us to block our energy antenna that activates in your head when u are fully awake and balanced shakras no such thing as the earth being anywere has nothing to do with numbers and all that nonsense FACT

  9. But your still here representing Hinduism that's not knowledge thats your way you what's knowledge when people come togather to get rid of the people suppressing us other wise you guys need to stfu with ur bs

  10. I found this fascinating, informative, and quiet beautiful for those with an open mind and heart. Those critics, and close minded individuals that continue to make everything controversial as well as boring, you have always been there; as a culture, as well as a personality that remains for us to be challenged by or ignore to stay positive. Thank you for this presentation.

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