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  1. Think hard please i have a hundred more answers and no one to help me make videos let me help you—— ever notice that italy is the only country that reorts record low temperatures while sweden reports record highs? the italian govt needs all things approved by the pope he will save us from extintion right? cast your crowns to your feet adam ant and and beeve- the world doesnt need bees its needs the pope,,,,what if God takes mercy by making things evolve really fast ? like you know venus flytraps aka virgil's orchids? i mean lets all bark n squabble amoung ourselves….its not like the pope steps in and saves us from war? pope in the 30s was cold chillin with nazi uniforms…perhaps waiting for rapture is idk linear reincarnation? would make everything but the pope instantly work together …i mean my name is literally solifugae the speed of evolution and its legs8 teeth4 petapalps2 and bite1 is atomic meltdown and the pale rider ….hmmmm wonder who that could be "search pope chair carried ",furthermore the solifugae does bark sure it sounds like 6 try google traslate VI VI VI to latin tell me what you get are you paying attention to detail? no one liberated the bible from the pope his has likr 10 extra books just in the old testament …thats triple as much as the hebrew bible and theirs includes revelations!!….the only idea keeping the pope in power is dante ….now tell me what year was it the first seperatist got a version from the pope? the bible evolves whats the oldest copy you can find the visioths gothic bible? read it

  2. Brothers and Sisters with Messiah and friends without, I wish so badly for you to understand that we have been deeply steeped in the NWO since my father's father was a toddler, at least. While the many of People of our Republic were and are faithful followers of the Way of the Lamb of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the men who run the business of the people have never been anything but pagan Sun and Moon worshippers of Ba'al and ISIS. Our nation has been known as the New World from it's inception and we've obviously established an new order by harboring the NAZI's and Khazars who've stolen the identity of the Hebrew people. The NAZI's and Khazars, in conjunction with England and the United States are directly tied to today's Zionist, a political front for the Jesuits, who are the officers of the devil's army, in the flesh, funded by the Rothschild family, the very right hand of haSatan himself, based in Rome.

    The only thing being worshipped in Rome, other than Satan directly, is the Sun and Moon by those who are unaware they are not praying to the Messiah of YHWH, but rather Zeus or mammon. No different than the muslim religion of worshipping the moon, the Harlot of Babylon, ISIS, who's also Columbia and Liberty. We're all Romans rather we like it or not. There is nothing new under the Sun. In one form or another, Nimrod still seems to be kickin' about.

  3. Why they call "church " this Roman cult. WE are the church. Jesus call us His church. Because WE are the temple of God. The spirit of God live in us.
    Acts 7:48
    However, the Most High doesn't live in temples made by human hands. As the prophet says.
    Acts 17:24
    The God who made the world and everything in it, being Lord of heaven and earth, does not live in temples made by man,
    1 Corinthians 6:19
    Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own,
    And many more verses from the Bible tell us that WE are the church of God.

  4. cool we all need more info on this can't make a comment based on reality otherwise. More important today than ever. Got Utuble channel then get this message out there. The EU is based on all of this.The British people know this instinicly

  5. Wow – even in the first minute the utter garbage and lack of historical truth is appalling.

    Americans – your lack of a decent education system means you are easy prey to any anti-intellectual system of belief that appeals to your emotions.

  6. Why would the Jesuits sponsor a French Revolution which radically diminished the prestige and authority not just of the Roman Catholic Church but of all Christianity? This conspiracy theory makes no sense. Yes, the Jesuits were abolished in 1773. Would it have been better strategy to make allies with freethinkers and freemasons against their own religion to take revenge on the Pope and the Bourbons, when, with patience, they could get the order restored, as they did in 1814? As for black troops, they DID have a bad record of sexual assault in Europe in both the US and the French army. The Catholic Church has always bent with the winds of political reality, whether from the right or (today) the left, out of necessity.

  7. I'm shocked at some of the comments human beings make. Forgive them for they do not know what they do.
    Pope Francis and trump are jesuits.
    Pope Francis found guilty of child trafficking rape and murder.
    JESUITS killed Lincoln and jfk. JFK was asked if he would go by canon law of Roman catholic church or the constitution? JFK replied the constitution and that is why they killed him. What insecure bullys just like mafia. Also they ordered Jesuit captain to sink titanic because 3 more wealthy than Rothschild morgan Rockefeller were on titanic and opposed federal reserve system. They were eliminated.
    Morgan built 10M $titanic for this purpose only. The federal reserve has a personal collateral account in your name via the birth certificate name which they trade on stock market. LUCIFERIAN communist khazarian zion jew Rothschild owns the federal reserve vatican and isreal+. See other comment showing that Rothschild owns all but 3 countries of the world. Rothschild owns salvation army which is drug cartel. Rothschild owns Prince Charles who controls hells angels trafficking humans drugs weapons.
    Under Rothschild or with synogogue of satan jesuits Roman Catholic church Nwo illuminati freemason zion jews khazarian and Saudi Nazi KKK knights of malta knights templars knights of columbus. For example freemasons own the police. They kill and sacrifice children to their evil god satan; illuminati whistleblower high banker Ronald Bernard witness to.
    They practice the TALMUD/PEDOPHILES force sex on 3yr Old little girls or 9yr old boys. Above 9yrs. Old is considered HOMOSEXUALITY???
    The protocols of the learned elders of Zion states clearly that zion jews have one purpose and that is to destroy christianity and rest of world so they can have world for themselves only.

  8. Thank you for your earnest WORK on video. One point of fact that I wish you would check into….the Roman catholic church wrote parts of bible according to GOD denies the September 23 2017 LUCIFERIAN timeline l- the organic Gospel has been reinstated on YouTube
    By Komorusan714

  9. if you kill people, then your a very evil person, but, if you kill people in the name of religion, then your a hero, theres something very wrong there, what happened to though shall not kill, and, do not covert thy neighbor's goods ?

  10. the thing that annoys me, is that so many people want to own god, do ordinary people really think, that god can be owned, the cracks started when the plague hit, and rich poor and priests died, the same as everybody else, so much for their religion protecting them

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