The HIS-Story of Our Enlsaver’s ~ Who “They” Are…and it’s not the “Joo’s”

The Jesuits of the New World Order & Self Destruction – Satan’s Architects


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  1. Jesuit = Jew suit. Freemasonic Couden-Hove Kalergi plan to collapse wealthy mainly white and mainly Christian countries by mass Muslim immigration. In full swing right now. Netanyahu's Clean Break strategy from 1996 and the 1982 Oded Yinon plan for Greater Israel supplies the displaced Muslims. All powerful white Protestant countries with Civil Rughts have to go. CIA trained and funded Al-qaeda or All-CIA-duh and ISIS or Israeli Secret Intelligence Services aka ISIS to create Muslim refugees. Does not matter what these people in power and those pulling their strings call themselves, they serve Lucifer

  2. Pope was convicted by 40 witnesses for child sex abuse, torture, and murder. Guilty of trafficking of 300,000 kids he made billions on! Never prosecuted to this day! Jesuits renowned for the same perverse, satanic rituals, as well. All one and the same crowd. Recall the 12 Kamloops kids disappeared at lunch? Liz & Phil were also convicted of those crimes. Again, no prosecution!

  3. Every denomination has a home office, whether its Baptist, or Methodist and so. You have to teach what the home office says, or you can't have that name on the building and 501C3 status. Every home office has a director, seated to oversee the denomination. Seated as director of every denomination sits a Freemason. All these denominations are Babylonian. The proof is Christmas and Easter. They are all run by The Catholic Church. The Jesuits certainly play a big role in managing things. However, they set these churches up.

  4. You obviously been bought, because everyone knows these jews, sons of CAIN, edomites are the cursed…you are obviously quite intelligent, and even the simple minded know this fact…so you are just another bought off deflector defector..JEW-SUITS….U ARE A TRAITOR

  5. Aplane-half-truth…..the JEWS are the reason, they go back much further, like the garden….jesuit is just (jew-suit) jews that ifiltrated the Catholic corporation. Your either a shill or you better start doing your homework…

  6. READ his book titled – SOUL REVOLUTION. It's a mind blower and in there you will learn all about this world, what it is, how your soul got here, how they control us, and so much more. But he also gets into the so-called Bible code and the Web-Bot program and what it all really is and how it will be used against us in real time soon. THIS is what everyone is seeing in the changing bible, but you MUST read this mans understanding. – –

  7. There are two sides of a pancake no matter how thin the pancake. Could any one tell me what part of the U.S government Protest Rome. The government of the U.S government(Constitution) is a Universal government. Is the U.S government a Protestant government?

    This documentary has good information. But what is missing? Catholicism, Freemasonry, and the Jesuits follow the Babylonian TALMUD. Psst the Jesuits or Jewsuits. The Pope is a Zionist, which the Jewsuits created with Franciso Ribera.

    The change in the position of the Protestant denominations toward Rome was the direct result of a concerted campaign by agents of the Roman Catholic Church. One of the methods used by the Roman Catholic theologians was to relegate much of the book of Revelation to some future time. In 1590 a Roman Catholic Jesuit priest Francisco Ribera, in his 500 page commentary on the book of Revelation, placed the events of most of the book of Revelation in a period in the future just prior to the end of the world. He claimed that the antichrist would be an individual who would not be manifested until very near the end of the world. He wrote that the antichrist would rebuild Jerusalem, abolish Christianity, deny Christ, persecute the church, and dominate the world for three and half years.

    A crypto-Jew is a Jew who converts to another religion and outwardly embraces the new religion, while secretly maintaining Jewish practices. Below is from page 50-51 "Chapter 7, " Crypto-Jewish Jesuits"

  8. Sorry but if a Pope bans Jesuits, who essentially are their Army, he does it to cover up his complicity, all the while allowing it to continue, yet in even more discrete practices. The RCC are the Synagogue of satan, they are the furthest thing from True Christianity and what amazes me, is that any Catholic wanting to know the Truth, only has to study the Bible and be Honest with themselves. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the ONLY intercessor between Man and God. (Period)
    Jesus came in His Fathers Name.
    We come in Christs Name.
    Francis comes in his own name?

    Jn.5:43 I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.

  9. Thank you Aplanetruth! For your work bringing the backstory truth of history. As Michael Black channel says history is a repeating cycle and if you do not know your history you do not know reality. I respect AJ Phelps But I am looking for alternative to Ethno state biblical solutions unless that is truly a freedom solution for multicultural and also non Bible spiritual people’s. I don’t mean co opted religious alternates to Christianity either. 🙏

  10. This is and always has been an incorporation. It had a coupe and was taken over by it's creditors after Lincoln was shot. Who do you suppose that is? Geez Shaggy think maybe it could be that unholy trinity and the incorporation's Prince Elector? That's who it was when the Treaty of Peace was signed, by now we should have figured out that it isn't the people, neither are we, but they passed a rule that they are people but just isn't morally responsible or accountable for their actions so the enslaving of mankind has it's loophole and citizens need to man up, and do something about this!!!We are the fuel that this entity feeds.

  11. It's pretty obvious that the supression of Jesuits was a purposeful act by the Roman Empire, ie. the Vatican, so that USA could be founded. Secondly, it's pretty obvious Jesuits work as the bad guys of the Roman Empire, ie. the Vatican. Thirdly, since USA's founding was thus aided by the Vatican, it's pretty obvious the Protestant sects are actually under Vatican control, and it's not farfetched to surmise that the whole Protestant reformation was a plot of the Roman Empire, ie. the Vatican, to make it appear that there are now sects that are autonomous and not in their control – to make it appear that the new democratic protrestant countries would somehow have some independence and self-rule.

    Wake up. It's not the Jesuits. It's the Roman Catholic (ie. UNIVERSAL) Empire that's pulling the strings everywhere, and the Jesuits are their visible puppets that everybody knows about and can throw tomatoes at. We are under Roman rule, and the Pope is the Caesar, and the black pope doesn't have more power than him. Not that this mean it ends at the Pope. The rulers have alwasys been invisible.

    Protestants ALL need to wake up.

  12. Both Rome/ Vatican/Catholic Church and the Phariseeism /modern day Judaism is what JESUS/ YESHUA confronted and tried to show the people the false laws and commandments of the false beast systems.
    We are to FOLLOW and OBEY the ways given to Moses by YEHOVAH, YESHUA said to obey what they said when they sat reading the Torah given to Moses and NOT DO WHAT they did. People confuse what YEHOVAH told Moses and what Judaism practices. What the 'jews ' practice this is their false manmade Babylon system they brought back from their captivity ..the Babylonian Talmud which Bush ( there are photos of Bush JR with the Babylonian Talmud), Trump (Trump's book says he had a rabbi for 12 years)and most of the leaders are under. These are the SAME 2 Systems ruling when YESHUA/JESUS was walking on the earth…they are the 2 systems that are now ruling the earth. The book of Revelation talks about 2 beasts…
    Rome Empire now under Vatican is the beast that had WHAT LOOKED LIKE a fatal head wound…when they went 'underground' but has now revived!

    The TRUTH is JESUS CHRIST/YESHUA the MESSIAH. There is tons of evidence the BIBLE IS TRUTH ..and both of these systems go against the TRUE WORD and WAYS of YEHOVAH and YESHUA!!! The JESUITS changed the name of YESHUA which means YAH's SALVATION to 'Jesus' that name is only about 400 years old and was created by the Jesuits – the society of jesus which they teach a false messiah and go against the WORD of YEHOVAH. The seminaries and universities are being ran by the Jesuits….all teaching evolution and ways to not honor the ONE TRUE GOD YEHOVAH and HIS BELOVED SON!
    Check out the stories by Jim and Penny Caldwell and Ron Wyatt they bear witness to each other.. . and have proof from governmental documents backing these things up!!

    1. NOAH's ARK was found
    2. Red Sea Crossing has been found with golden chariot wheels and skeletons of men and horses at the bottom.
    3. Sodom and Gomorrah has been found
    4. Goliath sword and city has been found
    5. Jericho has been found
    6. Ark of the covenant has been found with YESHUA's blood on it which was found by a lab in Jerusalem to STILL BE ALIVE!
    7. The real mount Sinai has been found with the split rock where water poured out and the alter of the gold calf.

    Check out the stories by Jim and Penny Caldwell and Ron Wyatt they bear witness to each other.

  13. They are demons, they can hide behind all the titles in the world in order for them to give themselves the appearance of actually being human, but it's all a huge deception. These creatures are biblical demons who hide behind human skin, they are the tares amongst the wheat, they are not of God.

  14. "The Lord opened North America to the praying masses"???? NO THEY SLAUGHTERED MY PEOPLE AND STOLE OUR TURTLE ISLAND! Their Lord is nothing more than the evil DEMIURGE ARCHON that the Gnostics wrote much about. The god of the bible is the ARCHON DEMIURGE the head of the ARCHONS. Protestant Christian's, don't blame your murderous rampage on the Catholics either!!!

  15. It was a jesuit who left his book, the protocols, that was later found and dissemminated across the world. The Bolsheviks shot any who was found to have a protocols book in their home. It seems these two worked together to take over the education system, television/movies, industries and infiltrate govt. Trump went to a jesuit school and has surrounded himself with jews. One and the same.

  16. Long live the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Protestants and Jews are no match. Ruin of the Catholic Church will never be consummated, because it is written: "The gates of hell shall not prevail against her." 🌠

  17. they the Black Pope, The White Pope and The scarlet War witch of England are Canaanite s Babylonian Eygptian Ba'al Saturn Freemason Wizards and witches and lord over Christianity and have every religion under their control worshipping Saturn/Mithras /Cernunnos aka Apollyon the king angel of Rev 9 :11,.the fake jesus thats coming

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